S. Fayette resident subdues armed home invader, wife injured jumping from window


The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office on March 10 arrested one man for a home invasion robbery at a residence on Price Road in south Fayette County.

Decatur resident Demetrius Valdez Mitchell, 38, has been charged with two counts of criminal attempt to commit armed robbery, two counts of aggravated assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment and burglary, said sheriff’s spokesman Brent Rowan.

Mitchell is currently in the Fayette County Jail where he is awaiting a bond, Rowan said.

Rowan said the incident occurred when a male suspect forced entry through the front door of the residence displaying a hand gun. The homeowner, who is an Atlanta business owner, and his wife retreated to a bedroom while the armed invader confronted the homeowner’s brother, Rowan said.

Rowan said the robber struck the homeowner’s brother knocking him to the ground. The robber next taped the homeowner’s brother’s hands behind his back and then demanded money, said Rowan.

Rowan said the homeowner’s wife jumped from the bedroom window where she injured her foot while trying to escape.

The homeowner returned from the bedroom and confronted the armed invader, Rowan said, adding that the homeowner was able to subdue the robber until Fayette County deputies arrived.

After the incident, the suspect was transported to a local hospital for injuries he received during the confrontation with the homeowner, said Rowan. The suspect was treated and released to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

The homeowner’s wife was also transported to a local hospital for an injury to her foot, said Rowan. She was also treated and released.