Abduction suspect not identified yet


Fayette sheriff’s detectives are still following up on leads from a possible child abduction attempt at the Landmark mobile home community off Milam Road Feb. 17.

Last week’s distribution of a sketch depicting the assailant has resulted in leads being generated from all over Georgia, but so far none have panned out to identify him, officials said.

“We are checking every single lead we get,” said Inv. Brent Rowan of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

According to detectives, a black man who approached the girl from behind as she was walking home, officials said. The man asked her to help him find his dog and she said no, then running toward her home on Greenview Boulevard, detectives said.

The aggressor then grabbed the girl’s hood, knocking her to the ground before a witness shouted at the man to leave the girl alone, detectives said.
The assailant then ran south toward Greenview Circle, detectives said.

The girl did not know the assailant and detectives have ruled out acquaintances of the family, detectives said.

A sketch artist with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation prepared a sketch of the suspect that was created in an attempt to help identify him.

Detectives are still hoping to speak with the witness who left the scene after scaring off the suspect: a Hispanic male in a white van with red lettering.
Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Det. Josh Shelton at 770-716-4777.