F’ville proposes 3 new sidewalk projects on Hwy. 314, Hwy. 92 and Hood Avenue


The Fayetteville City Council on Thursday will consider authorizing a resolution that would lead to a sidewalk installation project through Georgia Dept. of Transportation (GDOT) and U.S. Dept. of Transportation. The $630,000 project includes a 20 percent match by the city.

City Engineer Don Easterbrook said the project specifies three sidewalk areas that include White Road from Ga. Highway 314 to Heaton Lakes, Ga. Highway 92 (Forrest Avenue) from Ga. Highway 85 to Timberlane Drive and Hood Avenue from Hwy. 85 to Gingercake Landings.

The sidewalks will be eight feet wide except on White Road between Innisbrook Way and Heaton Lakes where they will be five feet wide because of existing conditions, Easterbrook said in a Jan. 7 letter.

A part of the federal Transportation Enhancement Activities (TEA) program, the federal government will put up $504,000 with the city contributing $126,000.

Easterbrook said the city expects to receive a notice to proceed to bid approximately one month after the GDOT receives the city’s authorization.