PFLAG teacher fails to hide her ideological agenda

In response to the letter from Kimberly Hearn about LGBTQ training, I find the wording very revealing.

1. Identifying herself as a mother of gay children and a member of PFLAG, she makes it clear that she is an activist, promoting the LGBTQ agenda. She goes on to say that as a teacher, she is required to watch videos on sexual abuse, proper use of epipen, etc. So, what does that have to do with her opinion, that it is appropriate to for teachers, counselors and nurses to be familiar with LGBT vocabulary, and have suggested resources for parents (presumably pro-LGBTQ resources)? Don’t teachers have enough to do?

2. Her 3rd point, that learning to communicate with supposed gay students and parents “is not teaching anything to do with sexuality or gender.“ Really? Are we supposed to believe that activist homosexual groups like LGBTQ, and Welcome Schools, whose agenda and proposed “curriculum,” published in The Citizen a few weeks back, are not a clear indication of their agenda?

She then assures us that as a teacher, she has no desire to parent students? No, her clear desire is to indoctrinate our children into accepting the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Lastly, she says most LGBTQ people have no desire to be defined by their sexuality, and that she and her kids’ agenda is to fight for their basic civil rights, and be valued and respected as people.

Wrong, Ms. Hearn, When your activist fighting stance is to demand that everyone else accept the sexual behavior of the chosen gay lifestyle, you are the ones who define yourselves by sexuality.

Exactly what civil right is being denied self-proclaimed homosexuals? None!

Everyone has the right to value and respect whom they choose, but your demand is that we all value and respect perverted sexual behavior, not the person.

This is just a sham to force those who see homosexual behavior as unnatural and unhealthy to surrender under this fake guilt. The guilt is on those who demand we embrace their bad choices.

Judi Wilson
Fayetteville, Ga.