Stop smearing creator of Fayetteville’s city flag


I wish to express my dismay at the recent unkind expression of our city flag. I have lived in Fayetteville for 51 years and believe I know of what I speak.

If someone wants to create a new city flag devoid of any historical elements and any wording, go ahead. But that is not going to teach children and new residents a thing about our history.

I am especially perturbed at the unkind and uncalled for comments made about the creator of the present flag, Nita McFarland. She has lived in the area forever, knows our history and is a well known artist. She got the depictions on the flag exactly correct.

Whine about our city flag all you want, but stop castigating its creator.

Carolyn Cary
Official County Historian
Fayetteville, Ga.