Reasons for yes vote for SPLOST

Why vote YES for the SPLOST? Here is why.

We must not neglect our infrastructure. The current corrugated metal pipes under our roads are decades old and have caused huge problems throughout Fayette County.

If you can recall the 2015 Christmas flooding, at that time a subdivision road collapsed and left residents stranded. In all, there were approximately 11 events in which stormwater structures failed. The current metal pipes system may not be able to withstand another heavy rain storm. If a heavy rain storm moves through Fayette County, I am concerned that there may be a repeat of the 2015 Christmas occurrence or worse.

Our current public safety radio system is analog and needs to be replaced with a state-of-the-art digital system. Let’s compare the analog system to an old way of communication: Pagers versus smart phones.

You get the picture. The current analog system is not sufficient for our Sheriff’s Department, local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and emergency medical service.

Response time is vital to the citizens of Fayette County and the agencies who protect us. Our safety is essential; therefore, let us provide law enforcement agencies the tools needed to effectively communicate without hesitation.

If you shop outside of Fayette County, you have contributed to another county’s SPLOST. Vote YES for the SPLOST and visitors that shop in Fayette County will also make a contribution to our community.

For the next six years, I would rather pay an additional penny towards sales tax than an increase in property taxes.

I have voted YES for the SPLOST and encourage you to do the same.

Del Burgess
Fayetteville, Ga.