Article misstates P&Z timeline

Your article titled “South F’ville Rezoning case headed to Fayette Court”, dated March 8, 2017, incorrectly implies that I was a planning and zoning commissioner in 2014.

I did not join the P&Z board until 2015, and I recused myself and left the room for the entire hearing when the annexation and rezoning agenda items were voted on by the other Planning & Zoning members in 2016.

Your article does not mention that. If you had contacted me to ask questions about the timeline prior to publishing the article, perhaps I could have helped with that.

Please issue this memorandum in your next publication clarifying this for the readers. Since you have now quoted language from of a civil action, perhaps you should also quote language from the letter written by the HOAs’ attorney, in fairness to the residents.

This is the first time I have ever written into The Citizen, and I would like to let everybody know that serving the city I have lived in for 17 years has been an honor. Maintaining community safeguards and facilitating quality development through the zoning ordinances has been important to the city’s residents.

In my two years on the P&Z board, I researched every project thoroughly, and had the benefit of working with a good group of folks at the city whom I have the utmost respect for.

Steven Gulas
Fayetteville, Ga.