Vote ‘Yes’ for March SPLOST

We spent the last 10-plus years working for Fayette County at the state level. We both retired from our legislative seats this past year, but we did not retire from our community.

Even though we come from different parts of the county and from different political affiliations, we both love Fayette County. We are excited to jump back into community engagement by putting our voices behind the upcoming special local option sales tax, known as SPLOST.

We made the decision to co-chair the committee to pass the SPLOST because Fayette County is at a critical point. Like the rest of the state, Fayette County made it through the Great Recession but not without challenges to our infrastructure. While nearly every county in the state has continued or added SPLOSTs to their tool kit to maintain quality of life, Fayette County has not.

We know from our work in the General Assembly that local funds are an important part of the process on how projects are ranked and funded at the state level. While counties throughout the state have SPLOST funds available and designated for specific projects, we in Fayette do not.

We have had an aversion to taxes here and we understand that. But if you have done any shopping in our adjoining counties of Coweta, Fulton, Henry, Clayton or Spalding or nearly any other county in the state, you have contributed to their SPLOST projects. It is time to do the same for our home county.

Investing in infrastructure is critical to quality of life and economic development. Communities that have well-maintained roads, exemplary first responder departments and amenities, like parks and multi-use paths, stand a better chance of attracting jobs and investment. And more important, our citizens benefit from enhanced quality of life.

We commend the elected officials and staff of the county and the municipalities and their inclusive and thorough approach to vetting the projects to make sure the lists were what the people wanted. Now it is time for the citizens to do our part and make it to the polls.

There are no candidates or any other items to consider on the March 21 ballot, so we encourage everyone to mark their calendars and vote Yes for the SPLOST.

Virgil Fludd, Tyrone
Matt Ramsey, Peachtree City
Co-chairs, Vote Yes 4 Fayette

[Virgil Fludd (D-Tyrone, District 64) served 14 years in the Georgia House of Representatives before stepping down last year. Matt Ramsey (R-Peachtree City, District 72) served 10 years in the House before returning to his law practice last year.]