Flat Rock Singers Selected as One of Four Middle Schools in Georgia to Perform at GEMA and Receives Two Proclamation Recognitions


The Flat Rock Middle School Singers were invited to perform at the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) in service conference.  The In-Service Conference is held annually in Athens, Georgia. The Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) is the professional music organization for music educators in the state of Georgia. Members of GMEA teach music at the elementary school, middle school, high school, and collegiate levels.

During the GMEA In Service Conference, music educators are able to attend sessions that are designed to address the challenges we face as music educators, learn about new trends in music education, receive knowledge and practical tips for enhanced music instruction and they attend concerts presented by the top musical ensembles in the state of Georgia. 

Each year in preparation for the In-Service Conference, the finest musical ensembles in the state of Georgia are invited to apply to be selected as a featured performing ensemble during the conference. In order to be considered, the applying musical ensemble must have an impressive comprehensive record of musical success within their program.

The selection committee takes into account how well your group has performed at yearly Large Group Performance Evaluations, how many of your students have participated in Georgia All-State Chorus, District Honor Chorus, the results of any musical competitions or adjudicated music festivals your choir has performed in and any other special community performances or concerts the choir has performed.

The top choirs that apply are selected to perform at the In-Service Conference held in January of each calendar year in Athens, Georgia. Groups that are selected to perform are presented to the distinguished audience of musical educators as some of the finest performing ensembles in the state. The performing ensembles perform a 30-minute concert showcasing their amazing talent by performing a diverse and challenging repertoire of music. 

The 2022-2023 school year is the first year that the Flat Rock Singers were invited to perform at the GMEA conference. The Flat Rock Singers are only one out of four middle schools in the State of Georgia selected to perform at the GEMA conference.  The Flat Rock Singers are 7th and 8th grade chorus students under the direction of Ladell Fortune. They are one of just four middle school choirs selected to perform at the GMEA In-Service Conference, and this is the first time they have received an invitation to perform at the state level.

 The Flat Rock Middle School Singers presented a GMEA Preview Concert on January 20 in Sandy Creek High’s Patriot Auditorium.  The Flat Rock Singers are under the direction of Mr. Ladell Fortune who has been leading the choral department at Flat Rock Middle School since the fall of 2018. His students also participate in the Georgia All State Chorus and District 6 Honors Chorus each year. 

The selection was a great honor and privilege and the Flat Rock Singers were recognized for their outstanding accomplishment.  During the concert, the Flat Rock Singers received two proclamations, one from the Fayette County Board of Commissioners and the other from the State of Georgia. The proclamations were presented by County Commissioner Charles Rousseau and State of Georgia Senator Valencia Seay.  The students’ talents were on display at the GMEA Concert Performance on Thursday, January 26, 2023 at First Baptist Church in Athens, GA.