Whitewater football gives back to schools

The Whitewater High football team has been busy giving back to schools in their feeder pattern by greeting students and reading to classes.

The Wildcats are big on winning on Friday nights, but they know they can’t do it without the community that supports them. The football team has been showing their thanks lately by volunteering at the schools in their feeder pattern .

At Sara Harp Minter Elementary, players held signs promoting the school’s Boosterthon, a week-long fundraising effort culminating in a fun run to support school improvements. They opened car doors to assist parents in releasing their kids to the building and greeted kids as they entered.

“We see this as an opportunity to connect with our school community. With Sarah Harp Minter Elementary being right next door, it is easy for us to go participate when they’re having a function,” said Whitewater football coach Chad Frazier. “Anytime they reach out, we show up ready to roll.”

They also took time out of their homecoming week festivities to greet students at Inman Elementary, and players Ty Ellington, Stephen Johnson, Braxton Mueller, Colin O’Brien, and Will Snellings returned to Minter to read to 4th graders.

“It’s always fun for our players to get involved. Anytime we have the opportunity to serve, we always have way more volunteers than necessary,” said Frazier. “I believe it’s as rewarding for our high school kids as it is for the elementary kids. It’s just a joy and a blessing to watch them interact.”

Sara Harp Minter’s Principal Dr. Stacie Coppola is always thankful when the community chips in to help.

“We are fortunate to have the outpouring of support through our partnership with the staff and students at Whitewater High School. Including the student-athletes, cheer teams, and staff members to promote our fundraising efforts is the perfect example of how our former students are ‘giving back’ to ensure a positive elementary experience that many of them experienced right here at Sara Harp Minter,” said  Dr. Coppola. “It means so much to our students to have these positive role models welcoming them at arrival, cheering them on, and wishing them a great day.”