New exhibit at Peachtree City Library Art Initiative

Photo ID: l-r: Candy Shively, Regional representative with Mollie Flowers, co-representative (Honey Corbin, photographer)
Unscrapped: A Garbage Bag Challenge. Peachtree City Library Art Initiative: Sept 1- Oct 31, 2022.

In spring, 2020, the Georgia/South Carolina Region of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) conducted a “Garbage Bag Challenge,” asking artists to use scraps and remnants generated over the years by an art quilter/donor. The seven garbage bags in the original stash included scraps large and small, fabric paint/dye rags, trims, cuttings from various projects, and a wide range of fabric types—from cottons and upholstery to stretchy, metallic Lycra®. Each participant received a box with approximately four pounds of random selections from the seven garbage bags.

 The rules were simple:  Use as many of the scraps as possible to make a pleasing composition, 12 to 36 inches on longest side. Up to 3 additional fabrics may be added if necessary. Artist’s choice as to theme and style.

The resulting artworks were shared in a ZOOM meeting while the scrap-donor/artist watched, amazed. Some artists completed several pieces.

This exhibit proudly presents a selection of the results, proving that one artist’s trash truly becomes another’s ART.


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Peachtree City Library Art Initiative is open to the public during library hours. Exhibits from the Fayette Society of Fine Art (FSOFA), The Newnan-Coweta Art Association (NCAA), and the Peachtree City Photography club are also on display throughout the library.
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