Black Hammer is bad news for Fayetteville


Finding a dead man after someone called 911 and reported he had been kidnapped in Fayetteville is bad enough. But the report of the “house [being] occupied by a black nationalist communist group” should raise further alarms.

Journalist Andy Ngo who tracks and reports on extremist groups across the nation is reporting the group, Black Hammer, previously tried to make an autonomous no-whites zone in rural Colorado.

Ngo reports the group is led by “Gazi Kodzo,” aka Augustus Romain.

Some sources say the group has openly called for police to be murdered.

In frightening Twitter posts, Romain states the dead person in the Fayetteville home and all of the media publicity will “build me up at the end of the day, so thank you.”

Romain also video tweets that he runs “an amazing revolutionary party, our community is ebbing with us.” Additionally, he was asking for donations.

Reference (Clayton County is listed in error, Fayetteville was confirmed by WSB TV):

Teen found dead at Black Hammer HQ. Chief Kodzo says his death will help the group get free publicity. claims, “In a targeted attack by the Fayetteville Police Department, SWAT and the FBI on the headquarters of the Atlanta chapter of the Black Hammer Party, Black Hammer’s Minister of Defense, AP, was shot and killed.” The site also claims the Fayetteville police are part of the “colonial state” and they murdered the man in the Fayetteville home. describes the dead man, “AP,” by saying, “A revolutionary leader made and in the making, he was also one of the masterminds behind Black Hammer Records – a record label to make music for the revolution to inspire our people on the streets to fight for what’s theirs and take back their lives.”

The Black Hammer party says it” exists to take the land back for all colonized people worldwide. We are focused on building dual contending power of and for the colonized masses.”

Let’s hope the Fayetteville community is not providing the support the black supremacist group leader claims. Let’s also hope that the mayor and council members of Fayetteville will blatantly denounce this racist organization and its local followers.

A majority of Fayette County citizens, both black and white, have consistently warned our elected officials not to bring Atlanta and it’s troubles to Fayette County.

There is no place for race supremacists groups or socialist politicians in Fayette County.

Tell your elected officials to stop the efforts on attracting non-family oriented activity to our county and to leave Atlanta in Atlanta.

Steve Brown

Peachtree City, Ga

[Brown is a former Peachtree city mayor and served two terms on the Fayette County Commission]


  1. Steve is sort of right as Fayette County is already full up with white nationism and white nationalists in the form of the Republican Party. As we witnessed on 6 January 2021, the Republicans will under take and commit a violent sedition and insurrection against the duly elected government of these United States, all on the basis of lies. I don’t see any difference between Steve Brown’s Republican Party than the tenets of the Black Hammers. In completing my my most recent background investigation questionnaire for a National Security Check, there were 5 questions, about belonging to a terrorist or organization that was seeking to overthrow the United States of America. If I was a Republican, I would have answered “yes” to all 5 questions; based solely upon the acts of the Republican Party during and after the election in November 2020.

    • Speaking of White Nationalism (gplan), the linked group picture and subsequent news article comes from the National Conservative website set up by the Conservative Citizens Foundation. The foundation’s director is none other than Bradley Dean Griffin. The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies Mr. Griffin (at length) as the proprietor too, of Occidental Dissent (OD); a blog news website devoted to … White Nationalism. Just say’n.

      • Since when does Nationalism have to be white? You’re disenfranchising all the black conservatives that share the views that it’s time to put our country first, to return to our conservative values of more liberty, smaller government, less government intervention, and more state and individual responsibility. Last I checked – none of that has being “white” as a requirement to desire those things. You should stop repeating left-wing talking points and do some research for yourself.

        Are there fringe groups on the far right that claim to be “white nationalist”? Yep. And 99% of conservative leaning voters are disgusted by them – just like I’m assuming that you and most of those who lean left are disgusted by the actions of the far-left fringe 1% groups like BLM, Antifa, etc.

        For the good of this country, we need to stop grouping in everyone on the other side of the aisle with the fringe on that side. It just doesn’t do anyone any good.

        • Yet a white nationalist (like Dean) espouses the very same principles as you do and they are listed on his statement page as … “principles of limited government, individual liberty, equality before the law, property rights, law and order, judicial restraint, and states’ rights.” Call it nationalism by the alt-right then. They and other “nationalists” seem to advocate for the same (principles) but don’t fully support them when tested, especially when storming the Capital here in the US or the same nationalist movement to take down the Weimar Republic. To borrow your intro line “for the good of the country,” please let’s do and call it for what it is.

        • We’ll stated and reasoned response unlike the other comments equating all Republicans with white nationalists. I’m not even sure what the definition of a white nationalist is. If it’s a white person, who’s generally Conservative, and favors the Republican Party over the current crop of Democrats and who believes in America First then I’m a white nationalist. One of many by the way who was sad to see the rioters who entered the Capitol on January 6th intimidate and make fools of themselves and our Country.

  2. I suspect the attraction to most young people fizzes out once their teeth go bad, realize that the leaders are criminals that oppress them and their parents cancel the authorized user “capitalist” credit card.