Auto thieves strike Fayetteville’s movie town

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Fayetteville police are working to locate those responsible for nine entering autos and one vehicle theft that occurred overnight Thursday in the Trilith community on the city’s northwest side.

Autos were entered in various locations around the 235-acre community, formerly known as Pinewood Forest, according to police records.

One of the vehicles entered was at a residence on Heatherden Avenue, though there was no indication if the entry was forced or what might have been stolen, police reports indicated.

The same was the case at a residence on Glasglow Lane.

Another resident, on Heatherden Avenue, told police that a window had been shattered and the vehicle rummaged, but with nothing stolen, reports said.

A third vehicle on Heatherden Avenue was left unlocked and a Glock 42 handgun was stolen from the glovebox, according to reports.

Another handgun, a Springfield Armory Model 2, was stolen from the console of a truck that had been left unlocked at a Breakspear Lane residence, the report said.

Two other vehicles on Glasglow Lane were also entered, though the report did not specify if the vehicles were secured or if anything was stolen.

In another incident, the resident on Ravenhurst Lane said she heard a strange beeping sound during the night, possibly around midnight. When checking her vehicle Friday morning, she found that her purse and wallet were missing from the unsecured vehicle.

A final entering auto occurred at a residence on 2nd Street, with the owner finding a smashed front passenger window and an empty purse stolen, reports said.

Thieves during the night also stole a vehicle from a 4th Street residence, though the vehicle was tracked remotely to Atlanta, according to reports.

Police reports also noted that personal effects from several of the entering autos were found along the roadway on Heatherden Avenue and at the intersection of High Street and Ravenhurst Lane.

Law enforcement continuously advises motorists to never leave a vehicle unlocked at home or in the community, and to never leave anything of value in plain sight.