Mentoring helps Rockets take flight


The Rockets and Starr’s Mentoring program is helping the young Rockets take flight. The program, a proud tradition dating back 20 years, teams up students from Peeples Elementary and Starr’s Mill High to build confidence and spark academic achievement.

The elementary students are chosen by teachers, parents, or counselors to help them feel more connected at school. High school students apply to be a mentor, and they are matched with an elementary school student.

The pairs meet once a week in the morning in the Peeples cafeteria to play board games, chess, checkers, and talk.

“The elementary students truly enjoy the time they get to spend with their mentor,” said Peeples counselor Monique Collins. “The relationship that is formed helps both the high school and the elementary student. Mentoring helps increase confidence and social skills, which in turn helps with academic performance.”

— Provided by the Fayette County School System.