Teacher Survival Kits make splash at Bennett’s Mill Milestones training


With the help of the whole school community, Bennett’s Mill Middle doesn’t just survive, it thrives. As the school launched into Milestones training, media specialist Gail Harris offered a sweet surprise to the entire staff with Teacher Survival Kits.

Each Bronco staff member was able to create their own kit filled with childhood favorites and snacks.

“Media specialists play an important role in supporting the school curriculum needs and contributing to a welcoming environment,” said Harris. “Acts of kindness are inspirational, and every single person in the building plays an important role in educating our students.”

That message is echoed and encouraged by Bennett’s Mill Principal Dr. Marcus L. Broadhead. Dr. Broadhead recently published his book “Becoming Enough: An Educator’s Journey To Leadership,” embodying his sole purpose and life’s work to help, educate, and inspire.

“Bennett’s Mill Middle School definitely showcases the warmth and culture of Fayette County Public Schools, a small town district,” said Harris. “Food for the soul!”

— Provided by the Fayette County School System.