Cardinals Council chooses new library books


It was serious business at Crabapple Lane Elementary when it came time to pick out new books for the media center. The student council crafted surveys and crunched numbers to help media specialist Monica Boyd select the best books for the Cardinals.

Student council is comprised of 3rd through 5th graders, but they wanted to represent the whole school body’s preferences. Over the past couple of months, they went through a process of developing a survey, giving the survey to all grades, interpreting the data, and selecting the books.

“We are super excited to be apart of selecting new books for our school!” said student council sponsor Andee Watt.

The most popular requests were chapter books versus picture books. Popular specific genres were books about wild animals, ocean animals, jokes, and drawing. One surprise was the student body wanted more historical books and historical mystery books.

Council members enjoyed reading through the topics and even some comments that the student body wrote through the survey. They hope to be able to read the new books when they arrive and do a book talk about them on a broadcast.

“We hope that our students realize the effort that is placed into selecting books for our school members to read,” said Watt. “We wanted them to truly feel like they represented our student body. In turn, we hope the student body will realize their voices were heard and find an enthusiasm for reading with a new book.”

— Provided by the Fayette County School System.