An old car guy attempts to understand Transgender


I understand that LGBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, of which the LGB part is based on sexual orientation, personal preferences or desires.

The “Transgender” thing is all about the “Trans” or the modification of a human body. You may “Trans” to a male or female definition of yourself. It can be in phases, with hormones or surgery, but the “Trans” person, for all efforts made, never really becomes the intended opposite sex.

Let’s look at this from a classic car point of view. If you own an old Mustang 6 cylinder coupe, it is possible to drop in a 289 V8, change transmission, pick new paint, even chop off the top and make it a convertible or fast back. It then becomes a customized Mustang.

Some folks go so far as to modify the original Mustang into “Tribute” Shelby’s or GT versions. They look like an original V8, Shelby or GT … but the VIN is unchanged. The car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is the identifying code for a SPECIFIC automobile. The VIN serves as the car’s fingerprint, as no two vehicles in operation have the same VIN.

If any one of these modified Mustangs were registered in a car show, the judges would not compare them to original unmodified Mustangs, they would have their own category. This is my point.

Transgender persons are a modification; their VIN number will always be the same as at birth. Why do we unfairly allow “Transgender” persons to compete in sports as if they were truly the same sex as the females or males they compete against? Shouldn’t there be a third category for “Transgender” persons?

Also, as with cars, the frame remains the same. You can’t drop a Camaro body on a Mustang frame and make it a Camaro. The frame and VIN are unchanged as are the genetic bodies of “Transgender” persons, they still have the genetic body they were born with no matter the modifications.

I certainly would wish for “Transgender” persons to be happy as possible, find love, be treated equally under the law, and have fulfilled lives.

But don’t force me to accept that they are the opposite sex from what they were at birth and don’t infuse our sports or confuse young children with having to accept them as anything other than modified humans.

Vic Hardy

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Visionary asked “Is it trampling the rights of female athletes if they occasionally have to compete against a transwoman?”

    Absolutely! Especially if someone still has testicles, and their own built in testosterone factory, albeit drug diminished. According to Sports Illustrated, Lia Thomas has not completed any surgery.

    So, one must ask, why does she feel so compelled only want to compete against females? Perhaps it’s just the camaraderie in the dressing room with the other girls, where she sort of stands out.

    She came out in 2018, and competed in 2018, and 2019 year with the men. She took 2020 off as to qualify with NCAA restrictions, and compete in her Senior year in a woman’s class. So, this is not about just being able to compete in sports. More likely it has to do with winning and to do so in a class where she has an advantage, at the expense of everyone else she competes against.

    Honestly, I could care less what she considers herself to be, how she dresses or if she sits or stands when she urinates, so long as she competes in a class matching her biological sex. I don’t think many people do.

    She was an accomplished swimmer as a male. Winning in the men’s class as a transwoman would be aan accomplishment, and I would celebrate that for her. Competing in a class for woman, I consider her a bully with an unfair advantage. I also feel sorry for the poor girl that was cut from the team to accommodate Lia in a class in my opinion, for which she does not belong.

    Is swimming in competition against a bunch of girls, going to really bring out the woman inside Lia? Or perhaps is it just the attention.

    I think its time the NCAA, and Olympic committees put an end to this travesty and stand up for woman.

  2. Is the sum total of your objection to trans people living their lives as the people they were born to be that some athletes may have an unfair advantage in sports? Because, that is really a very minor issue in the great scheme of things, isn’t it? As far as I can tell, the only people who “benefit” from this are boys who transition to girls and still have more strength than girls who are born biologically female. Yes, that is an unfair advantage, and doubtless women athletes will lose place for it, for now.

    But consider back when the line wasn’t a gender line but a racial one. When black athletes were finally allowed to compete in school and professional sports against white athletes, many of the black athletes were stronger and better at the sports. MLB and NBA come to mind right away. It certainly must have seemed like an unfair advantage to the white players at the time, but look how it improved the sports — and look how many sports now serve as an inspirationally integrated arena.

    At the time it was difficult for white athletes who felt outclassed in games they had dominated, but the net result was good for sports and good for society. Perhaps allowing people to compete where they belong genderwise — although difficult for now — will also become a net good for the sport and for society.

    As for the creation of a “third category” for people who live as the gender which doesn’t reflect their biological gender, why? It’s nobody’s business but your own if your biological gender is reflected in your clothes and lifestyle and where you pee. As Suz mentioned, there ARE trans folk who choose pronouns they/them — so there is a third category if you like, but it isn’t for you to decide for transfolk. They know who they are and can be trusted to choose for themselves.

    And if you are so ignorant as to think that transgender folk take the time, trouble, and mental labor to transition because they are men who want to ogle women in a bathroom or boys who feel sad that they can’t win games against other boys (as someone below seems to think, based on the comments?!), you need to educate yourself. It’s certainly an excruciating path to follow in these times and not taken lightly on the off chance you can win a race against girls or get a chance to use the ladies bathroom FFS.

    That said I agree with Suz. None of us can speak for trans folk, but we can all be supportive and loving for everyone to live as the person they were meant to be. LGBTQIA folk, you are loved and you are welcome to be who God made you to be!

    • Visionary, I do agree with you that the field of play for sports is a different conversation than the overall treatment and inclusiveness of transgender folks in general. However your comments minimizing the importance of a fair field of play seem to favor the rights of one group while trampling those of another. That’s unfortunate

      • Is it trampling the rights of female athletes if they occasionally have to compete against a transwoman? I mean … if suddenly all sports were flooded with trans competitors, maybe it would be a real issue, but … 0.7% of the U.S. population age 18-24 identifies as transgender; 1.4 million of all adults in the USA, and as near I can tell the only ones people complain about in sports are transwomen, so we can say perhaps 0.3% or 0.4% of the population (if you assume the transgender population is half men and half women?), and how many of that .4 % of the population are going to be transwomen, competitive athletes? Even if half of the 0.4% actually want to play sports in school, that is a tiny number of competitors to trample the rights of every female athlete in the country, right? And it’s possible some of the transwomen athletes won’t be as good as the other women they compete against — maybe 0.1% will be capable of winning against everyone else because of their superior musculature/strength. Aren’t there already 0.1% of women who frequently win against other women because of their superior musculature and strength? And they’re not trampling anyone’s rights, just making good use of their genetics. So how is this tiny number of transwomen athletes suddenly capable of trampling other women’s rights? It seems a tiny, tiny thing to complain about in the big picture.

          • Oh! Me! Yes, I admit, I do trample rights willy-nilly, but I could never win a footrace, so female athletes are safe from me. LOL

        • Vis & Suz – here’s the issue – Lia Thomas, Laurel Hubbard, and all these other transgender men may be effeminate, but they’re still males. They’re still men. Their sex and their biology have not changed. By allowing gender to dictate which sport (mens/womens) you play, which bathroom you use, etc – you’re arguing that biology (bone mass, DNA, etc) doesn’t matter, and that males who feel and believe that they’re women, are suddenly women and must be treated as such. This is why people disagree with you – they believe there are objective biological measures that dictate if you’re a man or a woman, and therefore which sport you should play and which bathroom you should use. There is certainly a spectrum in regards to masculinity and feminimity – but that doesn’t change the underlying biological sexual dichotomy that is the basis for all human reproduction.

          • the_wing_t
            My concern is more simple than that, I think–

            I read your words, “…all these other transgender men may be effeminate, but they’re still males.”
            But I think–“but they’re still human beings.” Brothers and sisters.

            Granted their lives are more complex than mine;
            If I can show a struggling person empathy and compassion, it is truly my pleasure.

            No doubt I have shared a public restroom with a transgender soul at some time. I probably did not even realize it. I am happy they felt secure.

            As I commented earlier, I would hope a young athlete would befriend a transgender competitor.
            I believe they both would come away better (for them and for society.)

            Just last week, I heard an NPR report about the humiliating experience transgender travelers face during TSA screening.

            My point is, this is far more than about fair sporting competition. It is about people. Brave people attempting to live the truth of their lives.

            Members of LGBTQ+ face things daily that I have never had to give a thought to. If I can view this situation as a chance to show generosity and common decency by supporting them…I won’t call it “fair”. I’ll call it better than that–I’ll call it “good”.

            (Ooops–did I trample the few rights that VJax missed?! I prefer to think I willingly laid mine down).

          • Suz – You’re right – they are still humans and our brothers and sisters. And they’re still the same sex that they were created by our Creator as. That’s why nowhere have I or anyone else said they need to be scorned, treated any differently, or mocked/ridiculed. They need the same mental help and counseling that anyone else with a similar diagnosed mental disorder desperately needs. Especially since studies have those who suffer from gender dysphoria have such high suicide rates. No one wants to see another human being suffer needlessly.

            As far as them being “brave people”. You and I will disagree on that. They’re no more brave than they are misguided or misinformed. Brave is the men who fought at Normandy. Brave is the first astronauts, Amelia Earhardt, and the leaders of the 60s civil rights movements.

          • The_Wing_T, you don’t think it’s brave to live your truth every day in a world full of people that think who you are is an abomination and that you have a mental illness for even believing in yourself?

            “Brave is the men who fought at Normandy. Brave is the first astronauts, Amelia Earhardt, and the leaders of the 60s civil rights movements.”

            The leaders of the 60’s civil rights movements stood up against a bully that would not even call them human. Trans folk are standing up to bullies who want to tell them they’re not REALLY men or women.

            The civil rights leaders had to hear from southern evangelicals who used Scripture to tell them they should not be allowed to mix with white folks (don’t ask me for the references — there’s an early sermon of Jerry Falwell’s out there where he explains why he wants to keep things whites-only in line with God’s Word, you can find it — and Bob Jones University used the Scriptures to keep black students out, and when finally admitted, to keep them from marrying white students). It happened: so-called Christians used so-called Holy Writ to tell black folk they weren’t good enough to be in white society.

            And it’s happening now: so-called Christians are telling trans folk “they’re still the same sex that they were created by our Creator as.” It’s the same kind of BS used to keep black folks down in the name of God. If we consider LGBTQIA folk brothers and sisters, we don’t hide behind God to keep them down and hold them back.

          • the_wing_t
            I agree with you on owing a huge debt of gratitude to
            those who in the past rescued the embattled, challenged gender roles, and advanced equality for all.

            Now it is our turn. Our cause. Our chance to get it right.

            It seems easy to say I would have supported, as you bring up, Amelia Earhart…or would i have argued instead that women should stay out of traditional male professions? That perhaps she was actually biologically unfit for the strenuous demands of aviation? Or at best, that it was unseemly for the “weaker sex”?

            By the same token, how we all like to think we would have marched with Dr. King, back in the day…
            yet, in my own time, did I hesitate to support Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protest? Did I bristle at his method and decide to ignore his message?

            Yes, freeing the world during WWII–amazing bravery.

            A female pilot cracking the glass ceiling–admirable bravery.

            Civil Rights activists demanding equality–noble (and ongoing) bravery.

            And standing up for gender identity rights–the very same bravery.

            This is our very brief moment in history. I want to be proud of my part in it. The least I can do is to stand with the brave ones.

          • Vis – there is no such thing as “your truth”. There is only THE truth. There are “your feelings”. But facts, as it turns out, don’t care about your feelings. So i’m sorry (not really) to hurt your feelings, but transfolk aren’t standing up to bullies – they are bumping into people that aren’t afraid to tell them THE truth. Not their truth….THE truth. And I challenge you to find anyone who sees transfolks as an abomination – I think you’ll find most if not nearly everyone thinks they’re just tragically confused and mistaken, and looking for an identity and some sort of truth to base their life on. The problem is the trans movement is a counterfeit truth…..and it doesn’t fulfill or satisfy or fill that hole inside all of us that seeks out meaning in this life.

            Transsexualism or gender dysphoria, whichever term you prefer, is a diagnosed mental condition. A majority of cases are caused by trauma, most often during the developmental stages of a young person’s life. It’s not beautiful or brave or bold – it’s sad. It’s sad that people have to resort to changing their gender to try and get some mental relief from the anguish they feel. I say “try” because suicide rates in the trans community are multiple times higher than any other group that it’s compared to.

            So take God out of it……clinical psychologists disagree with you too…..and they’re way smarter on this topic than you or I ever will be. And PS – trans folks still ARE the same sex…..every DNA and every chromosome in their body remains the same as it was when they were born. It’s an inconvenient truth, not “my” truth, but it’s THE truth.

          • Me again, the_wing_t,
            disagreeing with you about one simple truth.

            I respect your view that gender is determined at birth by physical attributes. You are certain that nothing complicates that. To you, that is truth.
            No debate is possible.

            I disagree. I have listened to transgender people speak about their lives. I heard a young girl say simply the best part about being a girl was “Not having to pretend to be a boy”. I watched former Ken joyfully planning her wedding as Kay. I heard truth from these beautiful people.

            Not the simplistic, black and white, physical truth that you feel comfortable with. We are so much more than that. So is life.

            It’s alright to admit we don’t know the answers.
            It’s okay to make mistakes. If the truth sets someone free, it’s my truth, too.

          • Regardless of your religious belief, it’s a cold hard fact that there isn’t a surgery you can have, or drug you can take which will magically change all your Y chromosomes into X’s You will always remain the same sex you were born with. Lia Thomas will never be able to give birth, nor truly experience what it is to be a woman. My heart goes out to Lia in that her desires to look and act like a woman, will likely prevent her from ever having any genetic offspring of her own. To look into a child’s eyes and realize that are your own flesh and blood.

          • Suz – sex is determined at birth. Reproductive organs determine sex. I will agree there are different levels of masculinity and femininity – there are some men who’re more feminine and there are some women with masculine tendencies. We used to call them tom boys. And you know what? It’s ok to be more or less masculine or feminine. It’s what makes our species interesting.

            As far as your examples – good for those people. No one is standing in their way and saying they can’t pursue happiness. It still doesn’t make them a woman if they are in fact a male from birth. But they’re able to pursue their idea of happiness. Good for them. The problem comes when you (meaning this far left movement) try to tell us that a man is now a woman simply because they feel like it or are taking estrogen, and that we must refer to him as one. You cannot compel that kind of speech. You’re ignoring every ounce of science and throwing it all out for someone’s feelings.

          • ToSirWithLove–
            “What is truth?”

            I am so glad the Good Friday scripture reading doesn’t record your answer–“a cold hard fact”!

            I respect your opinion. I however refuse to live by such rigidity.

            I hold truth to be tempered with a grace that accommodates more than just my own story.
            Large truth. Encompassing truth.
            Truth, in Love.

            “A cold, hard, fact” can’t hold a candle to that.

            Wishing all happy Holy Days!

          • In a recent article from the Washington Examiner, it was reported that two prisoners at the New Jersey “all women’s prison” were pregnant after having sex with other inmates. Could this be one of Suz’s “truths”?

            Reading further we find the prison houses around 800 women of which 27 identify as being transgendered. The prison was forced to house those identifying as women in the “all woman’s prison” as part of a settlement with the ACLU of New Jersey.

            Great way to start your family, don’t you think?

          • ToSirWithLove–
            Oh my goodness. I can be so incredibly thick!

            Have you been saying all along that heterosexual/ cis gendered people are “gaming the system” by identifying as transgender for their own advantage and at the expense of others? Like hot sex in women’s prison?!

            If that is your view, I don’t know whether to laugh or

            I do know that if you feel that way (please correct me if I’m wrong) the only further words I have are on the front of a t-shirt my sister wears. It warns, “Be Careful Who You Hate;
            It Might Be Someone You Love”.

            May you have a chance to know a transgender person, if you don’t already. They might surprise you. And better still, you might surprise yourself by loving them.

          • People are people, and as such are deserving of my respect and love.

            You speak of love and compassion; however, it only seems to apply one way. I just want to see that all get fairly treated.

            Do I believe people are gaming the system? The answer to that is most certainly YES. Do I believe they have to be CIS? No, they could really be transgendered. Do I believe they have to be heterosexual? Nope, they can come in all flavors of sexual preferences.

            I do believe that any transwoman athlete that insist on competing as women do so, not to confirm a gender identity, but rather to gain a competitive advantage over biological women. They are denying CIS women opportunity to compete, and on a level playing field, and this is wrong, and people need to speak up about it. It is easily resolved by restricting women’s competition to those without a Y chromosome. A transwoman will never be able to confirm their gender identity by their chromosomes, and that will always be an issue they will have to live with. Transwomen have not been denied the opportunity to compete in their genetic class. Have you noticed there seems to be a lack of transmen competing as men? I wonder why.

            As for the prisons, interesting enough I do believe we have some examples here too of people gaming the system, as the numbers speak for themselves. You were quoting the transgendered population to be a fraction of a percent if I remember correctly, yet the identified transgendered population in the New Jersey womans prision would be roughly 3.3%. I guess for some CIS/Heterosexual guys, women’s prison might be a whole lot better than being bubba’s “girlfriend” in men’s prison. There seems to be a lot more people gaming the system than might earnestly be transgendered. This hurts the public’s view of the transgendered, and remainder of the LGB community. I think some of the trans-activists have done irreparable harm to the community by pushing unreasonable demands for accommodation.

            Why is it we bother to segregate the prison system anyways?

            Why bother to segregate sports by gender?

            Why did they bother to create Title IX?

            Recognizing gender fluidity above all, makes the above moot.

            Having grown up with M*A*S*H and Corporal Klinger, it’s no wonder I and many of my age are suspicious of non-verifiable claims of self-identification. By the same token I don’t think forcing body mutilation to prove sincerity is a good thing either. My wish for the gender dysphoric is that they can find happiness with the body that they have just the way it is, and understand that if you just be yourself, people will accept you for who you are. There is someone else out there in the world looking for someone just like you. It’s what you have in your heart that is important. And this goes for everyone, body dissatisfaction affects a great many demographics.

          • ToSirWithLove–
            My apologies.

            I do my best to show compassion and love indiscriminately. But I daresay you are right.

            My spiritual father, Robert Farrar Capon, teaches that there is a special place in God’s heart for “the last, the least, the lost, and the littlest.” In other words–the ones who need grace the most.

            As I said before, it might not be “fair”; but I believe it is very good. And I remain grateful for it.

  3. I can bet that the rest of the world hopes we get bogged down with this as a country and loose our identity…perhaps even the ability to reproduce so they can over come us in the real world.

    Russians have tried this for years in the Olympics…drugs…hormones…that wasn’t fair or allowed.

    If we all become some indistinct blend of human ingredients then nothing is real. This whole mindless liberal culture will have a bad ending…ask some of these “Transhumans” in about 5-10 years ….how’s that working out for you?

  4. vics1966–
    As to “why no one else has commented”, I can only speak for myself, of course: I found the letter off-putting. Objectifying a person (or group of people) is demeaning, at best; and the comparison is flawed.

    Yes, a vehicle is indeed the sum of it’s manufactured parts.
    A human being is SO much more than that. As the Psalmist notes,
    “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.

    It is quite a stretch to attempt to explain a complex subject like gender identity by comparing it o a simple–even silly–nod to automakers.

    I wish I were qualified to speak for transgender people. I am not.
    So I listen to them. Respectfully.

    Indya Moore–an American actor–is transgender and uses they/them and she/her pronouns. Indya reminds us, “Historically, our culture has not made room for the nuances of humanity. People have not been kept safe: women, people of color, queer people, transgender people.”

    This is not just about competing in sports. It is about young people living their lives, honestly and bravely. It is up to all of us to encourage them to do so, in safety.

    Again, speaking for myself–
    You are loved, LGBTQ+ brother/sister. You are a gift to our society. My heart breaks when we get it wrong–please forgive the insults; and be assured you have allies who celebrate you.

    • Hi suz
      I appreciate your comments.
      I have to have something to compare “Transgender” to…it was cars…the real point is that I think they should be a 3rd category for sports and competition based on sex….no insult intended to them…the insult is back on regular boys and girls….would you want your girl competing with a TransBoy who is bigger, faster and stronger?
      You can love them, too.

      • Hello Again, vics1966–
        I’m glad you asked if I would want a girl competing WITH a “TransBoy” (rather than competing AGAINST).

        My answer is, “I hope so”.

        Frankly, I find young people are more accepting of differences in people; they are not as locked into our insistence on uniformity.

        I trust they are audacious enough to compete along with a diversity of athletes with grace; and even to befriend them.

        (By the way, that includes being comfortable enough to inquire how they prefer to be addressed. Personally, I would have changed “TransBoy” to “girl”.)

        Times are changing. I’m doing my best to get it right. Or at least to be kind.

        • Suz – young people who are able to think for themselves are NOT supporting this like you claim. Look no further than the UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas….when he competed in the NCAA Women’s Swimming finals, he was largely ignored before, during, and after his races. Meanwhile, the real women competitors were largely and openly supported by each other during the same races.

          • the_wing-t
            I’ll take my chances with the kids!

            My mother was a school secretary. She would tell me, daily, how the students inspired her. She was unflappable by their outrageous rebellion and beautiful creativity. But mostly she admired their courage.

            Some day soon, I trust, one lone young athlete (no matter how they feel about the competition) will embody good sportsmanship and simple human kindness. They will leave their comfort zone and reach out to a Transgender participant;
            hand extended, wishing them well.

            We all follow our own conscience and choose our own paths. It can be challenging to walk (or swim) alone; also to stand beside them.

            Like my mom, I think the young people are up to it.

    • What I find demeaning was the appropriation of terms like “woman” by males for their own gratifications. “Mother” has been replaced by “birthing person” and “menstruating person” is used to refer to those capable of getting pregnant instead of the biological term “female”. Now what was it we are supposed to celebrate?

        • No problem there, except there is no equality when you fully developed males competing against women. I don’t have an issue with Lia Thomas competing against other biological males with whatever pronoun of choice. That is also diversity. And speaking of charity. After winning the title trophy Lia tied for 5th in another competition. With only one physical trophy for the event, do you think Lia, with her title trophy, offered the competitor Riley Gaines, the 5th place trophy to take home. Nope, Riley had nothing to show for the competition. Lia is bringing much attention to the LGBT… community, unfortunately it is overwhelmingly negative.

          Two major trans gendered sports figures have spoken out against the inequity of biological males competing as females. Does the names Caitlyn Jenner and Renee Richards ring any bells?

  5. It is being allowed because evidently, we have people in our government who now believe in “magic words”. I know that appears to be ridiculous, but there is no other explanation.
    A male athlete can “transition” to being a “female” athlete by taking hormone therapy that lowers his testosterone level. No surgical modifications are required, nor, in fact, would they do anything to alter his already male physique…stronger bones, larger ribcage, musculature and skeletal systems that give males a distinct physiological advantage over women in sports.
    If a male athlete were to say “I’m still a male, but I think I can take titles and championships in women’s sports (my times aren’t good enough to beat the other men, but they are good enough to beat the majority of, if not all, women), I’d like to be able to shower with the women, and ogle them as they change clothes, and I’ve taken the appropriate hormone therapy to lower my testosterone levels…so I want to be on the women’s team.”, they’d be told no, they don’t “identify” as a woman, so they are ineligible.

    (Although since they are eliminating “discrimination due to gender identity”, it would be interesting to see if they could actually refuse him at this point.)

    If, however, feeling the exact same way as just described, he then said “Okay, then, Bippity Boo and Alakazam, just like Lia Thomas, I’m no longer a man!”, LGBT groups would demand that “she” now be allowed on the women’s team. Because all he has to do is say the magic words “I am now a woman”, and he must be believed, celebrated and accommodated in his desires. Oops, I meant “she” must now be accommodated…there are now rules and regulations against “misgendering” someone.

    As for the children…Munchausen by Proxy is the only explanation I can think of, five year olds who still believe in Santa Claus cannot possibly understand the ramifications of their “choice”, and we don’t allow children under 18 years old to do a LOT of things that are deemed acceptable for adults…parents who allow (steer) them into such decisions are, IMHO, guilty of child abuse.

    I can empathize with someone’s desire to have been born into a different body, I always wished I’d been born tall, with long legs, athletic body, naturally slender, with clouds of curly dark hair, long thick eyelashes, perfect teeth and stunningly beautiful. I wasn’t. No amount of cosmetic surgery can change that, and I’ve just had to accept that I am what God (or my DNA, if you prefer) made me, and learned to live with that. But no one, in their right mind, anyway, would feel that the taxpayers should foot the bill for all the cosmetic surgery, hair implants, dental implants, liposuction, personal training and everything else that would have to be done for me to achieve my desires…and nothing would have made me taller and given me long legs anyway. Why some feel that taxpayers should be on the hook for “sex change” operations is something I’ll never understand.

    Okay, vent over…thanks for being willing to speak up and point out the reality, so few people are anymore.

    • While on the subject, I’m not sure why people are so quick to want to encourage children to transition. To me, this should not be an option until they capable of understanding the repercussions of their decisions. Who in their right mind would want to sterilize their child if their minor child didn’t want to have children. I sure wouldn’t want to sign the paperwork. But isn’t this what they get when they fully transition? I’m approaching retirement age, and one of the biggest disappointments in my own life was I didn’t have any children when I had the opportunity. I had the opportunity to raise some step children, but it’s not quite the same.

  6. I’d say the closest thing in the car world to a transgender is the Jeep truck monstrosity. Jeep truck drivers think they’re driving trucks and call it a truck….yet they still want to do the Jeep wave like normal Jeep drivers. Truth is – they’re not a truck, everyone knows they’re not a truck, and they’ve changed their body style and they don’t look like a Jeep anymore either. They’re stuck in a mess.

    • Hi the _wing_t
      Interesting observation and a good example.
      I wonder why no one else has commented…I guess most folks have a job and don’t want to get fired for using common sense when speaking the truth.