Write about your life with Joyce Beverly in Tell My Story class April 4


Have you ever wanted to write about your life, but don’t know where to begin? Take the first step in capturing your memories and lessons learned in a class with Joyce Beverly Tuesday, April 4, at Fayette Senior Services. 

A lifelong community journalist and former publisher of Fayette Woman, Joyce has been sharing peoples’ stories for more than 40 years. In 2020, she took storytelling to another level with the founding of My Storyographer and the creation of the Tell My Story course. 

“I am on a mission to help you tell your stories, to capture the essence of your life for your family, friends, and a future generation,” Joyce says. “I’ve distilled everything I know to bring you tools, resources, and hands-on classes that will show you an easy, doable way to write about your life.”

Joyce walks students methodically through chapters of their lives in her Tell My Story course. The course includes eight life-themed chapters which provide a solid base for your memoir or life story. Each chapter includes a Story Starter, which is an in-depth self-interview kit that helps you remember details about your life story and jump-starts the writing process.

Joyce will cover the first of those chapters, All About You, with participants in the class Monday, April 4. This chapter focuses particularly on your childhood. 

“Why start here?” Joyce asks. “Well, it’s where it all starts, the beginning of all your beginnings.”

“If you think of your life as a garden, then this theme covers the foundational plantings. These highlights of these formative times are worth writing down and remembering.”

Future chapters cover:

  • Family Matters, because whether your family put the “fun” in function or dysfunction, your story would not be the same without them;
  • Home, where your story begins;
  • Life’s Ups and Downs, mining the turning points in your life;
  • Best Friends, from childhood to present, reflecting on friends who’ve been by your side;
  • Your Life’s Work, considering your “why,” and how you’ve made a difference;
  • Faith, Failure, and Forgiveness, a reflection on the source of your hope, how you handled failures, and the power of forgiveness; and
  • Your Pandemic Story, exploring the impact of this historic global event. 

 “Let’s pay your experience forward by giving your family and friends the priceless gift of your life story,” Joyce says. “One story, one chapter at a time.”

Printed course materials are provided in the in-person course as well as access to weekly Zoom writing sessions. 

“Bring your memories and leave with a written story and a plan for writing more,” Joyce says. 

The course will be held at Fayette Senior Service’s Life Enrichment Center, 4 Center Drive, in Fayetteville, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. This program is $40 and pre-registration is required.

Call 770-461-0813 or stop by any Fayette Senior Services location to register. Payment must be made at the time of registration. 

Fayette Senior Services members and non-members are welcome.