Morning announcements ask Peeples ‘Who Am I?’


Peeples Elementary got into character to celebrate Black History Month. To honor influential African Americans, students and staff dressed up and portrayed the icons on the morning announcements for a school-wide “Who Am I?” activity.

On a display in the front hallway, 15 influential African Americans were pictured for all to see, and, each day on the school’s morning broadcast, a student or staff leader presented a small biography about one of the doctors, scientists, inventors, athletes, and actors.

A different icon was featured on each of the instructional days in February, legendary figures like inventor Richard Spikes, Civil Rights icon Ruby Bridges, actress Dorothy Dandridge, poet Maya Angelou, and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

After the broadcast aired, classes electronically selected the person who they thought it was based on the information given. The answers were revealed the following day, and the homeroom classes that answered correctly had their door adorned with the Black History Month Whiz Award.

Teacher Elaine Wingfield was thrilled to see the school dive into the project.

“We are excited to expose our students and staff to the vast contributions African Americans have added to our world and celebrate Black History Month.”

— Provided by the Fayette County School System.