State tax rebates leave out senior citizens on Social Security


I’m troubled by the anticipated Georgia tax rebates to “some” citizens.

I read that it’s planned for those who paid income taxes. What about seniors on fixed Social Security who may not need to pay income tax, but are still paying sales and gasoline taxes?

Aren’t they worthy of some relief, too?

Or are seniors just part of expendable society since government has squeezed all it can from them?

This neglect is unconscionable.

Ken Schaefer

Sharpsburg, Ga.


  1. I think it is good to question the acts of our government. My first thought was that $250 for a single and $500 for a couple was inconsiderate of those who pay little and those who pay a lot of state taxes. It seems much fairer to either scale it based on what you pay or just apply the entire amount to a permanent reduction of our tax rate – or better yet, the elimination of state tax that has been discussed and promised.

    I am a Senior Citizen now and I feel we get many accomodations. My in-laws get a tax refund every year though they pay ZERO taxes.

    There is much about tax policy to complain about but this isn’t one of them.

    Perhaps we could talk about property taxes that rise uncontrolled and tax elderly out of their homes. I think Florida has a reasonable system. They limit property taxes to a 3% increase annualy until the property sells. It is then adjusted to market value. However, if a person sells and buys in FL they get to keep their tax base. A very reasonable method of respecting the sanctity of one’s home.

    • Ryan,

      It is the same argument made for the poor who would feel bad during tax time to not get a refund. If you don’t pay taxes you don’t get a refund.

      Now a more fair way is do away with income tax then even illegals pay.