State tax rebates leave out senior citizens on Social Security


I’m troubled by the anticipated Georgia tax rebates to “some” citizens.

I read that it’s planned for those who paid income taxes. What about seniors on fixed Social Security who may not need to pay income tax, but are still paying sales and gasoline taxes?

Aren’t they worthy of some relief, too?

Or are seniors just part of expendable society since government has squeezed all it can from them?

This neglect is unconscionable.

Ken Schaefer

Sharpsburg, Ga.


  1. Letter to Mayor, Council and City Manager:
    First, the “elephant in the room” speed breaks on the cart path; you have ruined our cart paths with the obvious non-planning of these breaks. A speed break every 100 yards or so is ludicrous including one at the top of a hill (not many carts are speeding when they get to the top of a hill). Secondly, the speed breaks along the flat path next to the east side of the lake are appropriate as they have a space for bicycles, etc. to go across the middle without damage to the vehicle; the other ruinous speed breaks do not have this open slot in the middle. You are also tearing up our golf carts with all of these breaks. Gone are the days when a casual drive through the city could be enjoyed. Why was this money not spent on widening the bridge just east of City Hall if we had extra money. Remove these speed breaks.

    Related, but not specific, if people (walkers, disabled, etc.) complain about not being notified about an approaching cart on the path then they should remove the ear buds/headphones through which their music or telephone conversation is being blasted.

    The next issue concerns the use of an elected office (City Council) for personal gain. This is an offense that wreaks of corruption. Anyone who does not like a cart path access next to their property should MOVE; the path access was there when they bought the house. Many of us will be pushing for a vote recall to get this person and any connected relatives/friends out of office. The City Council position should be a position of representation of ALL citizens, not just the office holder. We have become used to this type of unethical, dishonest behavior in Washington, but it should not be tolerated in our city.

    As a 24 year resident I would submit that we revert back to the past cart driver requirements get the unlicensed, untrained 15-year-olds off the paths. They are the prime violators of speed, cell phone and loud music thus taking their concentration off their driving. Yes, 15 year-olds because the 16 years and older , while not completely innocent, prefer to drive the family car. Of course, we could always invoke a cart driver certification program for the 15-year olds which would emphasize basic driving skills such as knowing where your right wheel is on the path, notifications to pedestrians, right-of-way priorities etc.

  2. I think it is good to question the acts of our government. My first thought was that $250 for a single and $500 for a couple was inconsiderate of those who pay little and those who pay a lot of state taxes. It seems much fairer to either scale it based on what you pay or just apply the entire amount to a permanent reduction of our tax rate – or better yet, the elimination of state tax that has been discussed and promised.

    I am a Senior Citizen now and I feel we get many accomodations. My in-laws get a tax refund every year though they pay ZERO taxes.

    There is much about tax policy to complain about but this isn’t one of them.

    Perhaps we could talk about property taxes that rise uncontrolled and tax elderly out of their homes. I think Florida has a reasonable system. They limit property taxes to a 3% increase annualy until the property sells. It is then adjusted to market value. However, if a person sells and buys in FL they get to keep their tax base. A very reasonable method of respecting the sanctity of one’s home.