Keep your eyes on the Covid Industrial Complex


President Dwight David Eisenhower, leader of the Allied forces in World War II and no stranger to the virtues and benefits of a strong military, nonetheless expressed concern about the “Military Industrial Complex” in his farewell address in January of 1961.

He was concerned about the companies and government agencies who produced America’s Cold War arsenal of weapons, planes, ships, etc., and how their outsized political and economic power might unduly influence affairs in our country and bend events to suit their needs rather than those of the people they were purportedly supposed to protect.

I have similar concerns about the nexus of politicians, bureaucrats, pharmaceutical companies, and their allies in the media who currently define, propagate, and enforce the mainstream narrative on Covid-19 and its origins, treatments, lethality, and future course.

I call this group the “Covid Industrial Complex” (CIC) and I fear they have even more malign power and influence than their military predecessors primarily because this newest cabal of industrial, political, and media forces stand to gain much more power over American life than a few manufacturers of military hardware could ever hope for.

There’s much to talk about on this topic, but let me focus on a few key topics to illustrate the problem we are now faced with.

First, there is the origin of the Covid virus. Both scientific and forensic evidence, not to mention common sense, point convincingly to the virus being man-made and leaked from the lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

And yet, the CIC quickly moved to suppress this theory as early as February of 2020, when Peter Daszak, head of the EcoHealth Alliance, and some of his colleagues published a letter in The Lancet declaring that it was nothing less than a conspiracy theory to suggest the lab-leak theory and that the virus must have emerged naturally.

They had no evidence for this claim whatsoever, but somehow this notion became de rigueur within the halls of cultural control in our country, and those who questioned it were not only labeled crackpots, but racists for suggesting the Chinese Communists might be responsible.

Debate was shut down, dissent was squashed, and the CIC went on its merry way, knowing they had successfully dodged a bullet, because it soon became apparent that the CIC itself was funding the research — through Daszaks’ EcoHealth Alliance — that likely led to the Covid virus, and turned a blind eye to the shoddy safety protocols of the WIV.

Oh, and they, specifically the NIH, were funding “gain of function” research in spite of a congressional moratorium on such research for fear that its results were too hazardous to risk.

No matter. The cackling heads at CNN and their buddies in the Democratic Party and the public health establishment, the vanguard of the Covid Industrial Complex, went on their merry way, condemning and shaming anyone who might question the narrative, including and especially President Trump.

And here’s where it gets even more insidious. While it was (and still is) important to know how the virus originated in order to prevent another such outbreak and perhaps help with treatments, it was absolutely VITAL to figure out how to best treat the illness that often resulted from Covid infection, especially before the vaccine was available. We desperately needed therapeutic options for Covid patients to lessen the severity of their condition and prevent hospitalizations and deaths as much as possible.

And yet, the CIC was strangely very uninterested in treatment options. They were focused on “flattening the curve” and on using shutdowns, lockdowns, and quarantining to prevent the spread of the virus. Granted, early on we didn’t know much and did have to take some sort of measures, though we were told it was only going to be for two weeks.

But as the evidence mounted that many of these measures were ineffective (and we now know after several studies that they really weren’t effective), and that the virus was spreading in spite of our best efforts, did the CIC admit they were wrong and push for therapies for Covid patients? No, they did not.

In fact, they did the opposite. They, through the FDA and other government agencies, began banning the use of common, over-the-counter safe drugs like hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and later ivermectin, drugs which had shown in various clinical trials and anecdotal cases to be at best quite helpful and at worst ineffective (yes, there were a few cases of ivermectin poisoning, but that was because people were self-administering veterinary doses).

Why didn’t the CIC engage in typical medical protocol during a pandemic and allow for continued experimentation and testing of these readily available treatments, especially since they had the potential to reduce deaths by hundreds of thousands?

Many people will say “follow the money,” and it’s true to an extent. The government had committed billions of dollars to both the vaccine AND monoclonal antibody development and so no one wanted to either lose out on that giant gusher of cash or admit that it was a waste of taxpayer resources. And no one gets rich off natural immunity or cheap, over-the-counter medicinal treatments. To be sure, this is a factor.

But I think another factor is much more human: pride. Dr. Anthony Fauci had been saying from the beginning that the only real solution was a vaccine and put little stock in the potential effectiveness of treatments. Once he and others had committed to the “vaccine or nothing” approach, they simply could not allow other options to be considered.

This tendency was greatly amplified when Trump began recommending the use of HCQ, which caused the media and their allies in politics to immediately brand anyone who advocated its use as a crackpot, charlatan, huckster. The FDA followed suit and banned its use for Covid treatment, therefore putting doctors in the position of losing their license if they prescribed its use.

A few studies were trotted out to show that HCQ was “dangerous,” but they were either faulty or fallacious. One study claimed HCQ did no good, but it was only given to patients who were deep into the illness and for whom HCQ’s ability to help reduce viral replication was irrelevant. (HCQ is best administered immediately after infection.) Another study was quickly retracted from a medical journal for poor data and methodology.

No matter. The ban effectively stuck as did the stigma of HCQ as some kind of witch doctor’s concoction. (By the way, there are studies on the NIH website, right now, which indicate the positive impact of both HCQ and ivermectin.)

In other words, mainly for political reasons — hatred of Trump — and pride — Fauci et al. couldn’t take credit for HCQ or ivermectin — several forms of treatment were suppressed. Some experts believe this largely political suppression on treatments cost upwards of 500,000 lives.

So, why would we trust the same people who covered up the origin of the virus and suppressed effective treatments as being perfectly correct and right about everything they are saying now about the virus?

These are the same people who said masks weren’t needed, but then masks were necessary, then masks should be mandated, and then admitted that cloth masks are useless? The same people who said schools should be closed, then re-opened, then at the behest of teachers’ unions, kept closed, even though masses of evidence showed that both students and their teachers were not in danger.

And these are also the people who doubted the vaccine would be ready by the end of 2020, and who openly questioned the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine before embracing it as the only hope for dealing with the pandemic (I’m talking about Biden and Harris, of course.)

Are we supposed to trust these people, to blindly obey their commands, even as they continually get things wrong and fail to deliver on what they promise (where are those tests you promised us, Joe, back in August of 2021?)?

A final point of consideration is the vaccine itself. One can both recognize that it has been effective and acknowledge that there are risks associated with it and that it has not been as effective as promised.

The official mechanism for recording vaccine deaths, the VAERS system, has recorded close to 20,000 deaths from the vaccine in about a year. Compare that to some 70 deaths per year from the flu vaccine and you get an idea of the massive difference of magnitude. There have also been close to 1 million vaccine injuries reported, ranging from relatively minor to paralysis and permanent damage to organs like kidneys and the heart. And these are only those events which have been reported. The actual numbers are likely much higher.

No matter. The CIC ignores these numbers and says everything is fine, that everyone, including the smallest children, MUST take the vaccine in order to defeat Covid, even though Covid is not really defeatable and will become another endemic pathogen that we have to learn to live with.

Natural immunity has also been roundly ignored and minimized by the CIC, even though studies show it’s at least as effective if not more so than the vaccine. There is simply no reason for someone who has been infected to take the vaccine given the risks associated with it.

And yet, Biden continues to claim Covid is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” even though vaccination does not stop the virus from spreading or even making people ill (though it does minimize the dangers). And he continues to attack Governor Ron DeSantis for not pushing vaccine mandates and instead relying on voluntary vaccination AND treatment options such as monoclonal antibodies, which were developed as part of Operation Warp Speed and approved by the FDA. Never mind. Biden continues to attack DeSantis as irresponsible and, in a move I still can’t believe, restrict his access to this treatment as punishment for not toeing the line.

Meanwhile, aging rockers like Neil Young go after podcaster Joe Rogan for daring to have guests, very scientifically qualified guests, that question the narrative. Here I thought rockers were staunch critics of the government and “the man,” but Covid has turned things so upside down now that they are now mere shills of the dominant narrative. The ’60s hippies have turned on themselves, proving how hapless and foolish they always were. But that is an aside.

What we have here is a very, very dangerous case of science being ignored, politics trumping the well-being of citizens, and the mechanisms of state and media power turned fully against “dissent.” Big Tech and corporate media regularly use their power now to censor critical voices who often have more scientific data to bolster their case than the typical defender of the established narrative.

And who suffers as a result? The American people, who have suffered way more deaths and illness than they should have if this thing were managed with true transparency, scientific rigor, and honesty from the beginning.

Instead, it has become a textbook example of the abuse of power and the prioritization of ideology over truth, and a blunt political tool to take down an American president who for sure had faults, but whose demise was not worth the deaths of thousands of Americans.

Shame on you, Dr. Fauci. Shame on you CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, NIH, FDA, CDC, etc. Through mere incompetence or malign design you have not only harmed many innocent people, but you have broken the trust between the American people and the institutions designed to protect and inform them.

Hope it was all worth it.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


    • Hello Hometown600–
      I sincerely hope your comment is aimed at me! If the shoe fits,

      If by “the Squad” you allude to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayana Presley, and Rashida Tlaib…strong women don’t threaten me. Nor young women, intelligent women, or Muslim women.

      I admire their enthusiasm and willingness to explore new ideas.

      And of course, they will make mistakes. I hope it doesn’t discourage them.

      As for “tag-teaming…all in the name of love”–what a beautiful observation. And what a lovely backhand compliment.

      As St. Paul concurs, “Love each other as much as siblings should; and have a profound respect for each other.”

      I hope our little “squad” keeps trying.


  1. In Trey’s latest rant (something about Democrats & Authoritarianism), he is worried that spreading COVID misinformation may put him in jeopardy of being called a terrorist (because the interests of so many COVID-deniers and anti-vaxxers coincide with the interests of right-wing terrorists and seditionists as it turns out). But in THIS letter we see him hard at work spreading COVID disinformation just as fast as he can.

    One facet of this he has harped on here and in other letters is the idea that the coronavirus responsible for the current pandemic is manmade, which is very popular with conspiracy theorists! If you, too, have wondered whether it’s possible COVID-19 was created in a lab and foisted on the world by the Wuhan Institute of Virology or someone else in China, please please read the article about this in the latest Scientific American! It is full of big words, but it IS understandable if you read it carefully! I know you can do it!

    The Citizen doesn’t post my comments with actual links in them, but you can find the very interesting and important article at scientificamerican-dot-com-slash-the-lab-leak-hypothesis-made-it-harder-for-scientists-to-seek-the-truth/

    Or just google “The Lab-Leak Hypothesis Made It Harder for Scientists to Seek the Truth Scientific American,” and the story should pop up, the March, 2022, issue.

    The conclusion of the article is: it is highly unlikely this coronavirus was leaked from the lab in Wuhan (or anywhere else!) but as long as morons/conspiracy theorists continue to harp about that very minute possibility, it makes it more difficult for scientists to trace the real origins of the virus or examine the ways it might accidentally have escaped from a lab, even if it weren’t created there. This disinformation Trey loves to share is NOT opening anyone’s eyes or waking anyone up; it is, rather, keeping the truth from being uncovered!

  2. From the CDC web site- Since more than 338 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the USA, this data reflects a vaccination-death ratio of 0.0018%.

    The CDC’s website says, ‘Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem. This is because the U.S. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after a COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause.

    Furthermore, a review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines, says the CDC.

  3. I don’t know about this “Covid Industrial Complex” thingy but I’m dealing with Piedmont Urgent Care in Newnan regarding a $220 bill for a COVID test my 91 year old dad had back in Oct 2020. It took over a year for the bill to reach my dad.

  4. Trey, your claim of “1 million vaccine injuries reported” has been fact checked earlier this year by USA Today and it was deemed to be a false statement. That headline quote appeared on the WorldNetDaily website (publisher of other false claims) and then spread to other social media sites to fit / support their twisted narrative.

    Buff (below), critical thinking is an intellectual and disciplined learned process. It’s a wasted endeavor however when one is aware that the information provided is paternally false. It will not even rise to a level of deductive inquiry or logical argumentation. On the front side, perhaps Mr. Hoffman would be better served to present his arguments in a more Socratic questioning style – using valid and factual points of references. Only then can critical thinking actually commence, if it’s indeed warranted with a Trey Hoffman article.

  5. Trey–
    You have written (often and at great length) explaining how you feel about the handling of the COVID pandemic. It is a battle we are fighting, here at home and abroad. Surely this is a time for ALL hands on deck.

    If however you choose to remain below, I try to understand that.
    You are after all, a grown man; and politics seem to dominate your actions. I would ask that you show the same respect to those of us who disagree with you.

    That includes, “Dr. Fauci, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, NIH,
    FDA, CDC” and yes, me. There is no “shame” in doing our best and trying the most promising tactics as new challenges emerge in a fluid situation.

    We learn from scientific research, we modify, and we keep doing better. We follow the advice of the experts; and we do it for everyone (including skeptics like you, Trey).

    Though you distrust the vaccine, we get ours, fully.
    Though you discount a face mask, we wear ours faithfully.
    We keep social distance.
    And yes, we listen to Dr. Fauci.

    Not out of utter gullibility; nor fear or anger or political motivations. We have a deep conviction of the greater good.
    And a sincere concern for one another.

    It doesn’t matter, at this point, proving who or what started the virus. Or allotting blame for any mis-steps we tried along the way. All that matters is ending it.

    Frankly, you are not helping in hastening that day.
    We could use your help.

    • Well said Suz! You are always a voice of reason, compassion, and lovingkindness in the face of Trey’s ongoing darkness. Buff can fuss about how impossible it is to reason with us, and the_wing_t can pretend no one ever refutes Trey’s “arguments” with critical thinking … but you consistently show that Love is the Answer to Every Equation. Rave on, holy fool.

      • Vjax–
        I fear I frequently fall short of your generous estimation of me; but thank you for your kind words.

        I do attempt not to be uncivil in disagreeing with anyone. Perhaps because I can often see and hear my young self in their rantings, to my chagrin.

        My conservative Christian upbringing left me quite rigid, judgmental, and angry. I was completely focused on merit. So certain of who was wrong. So certain of who should be blamed. So certain of everything!

        I was a jerk, I think.

        Late in my life, I have learned “the economy of grace” (as Father Richard Rohr teaches); I much prefer it over a system or meritocracy. Everything is a gift to be shared. And Love is always the answer.

        So yes; I am good with being a holy fool.
        It takes one to know one, Vjax!

        • Would that all the “jerks” raised in the cult of evangelicalism, or any other rigid belief system that can’t make room for the stranger at the gates, would discover, as they grow up, that the economy of grace is far better than the meritocracy.

          “Everything is a gift to be shared. And Love is always the answer.”

          Amen, sister!

          • Dear Vjax–
            As a frequent recipient of the coveted “the_wing_t
            Recognition For Complete Lack Of Inability To Critically Think For Yourself” designation, it is my honor to advise you of your inevitable induction into the ranks of happy morons.


    • The_Wing_T,

      You are wasting your time trying to reason with the regular crowd of The Citizen comments section–I’ve tried, and discovered they are not interested in critical thinking or academically supported arguments. They regularly operate with typical Democrat theatrics:

      Step 1: Thou shalt be close minded and intolerant of the ideas proposed by others.
      Step 2: Thou shalt in every situation counter all ideas with personal attacks or with talking points endorsed by THE PARTY. Critical thinking is in violation of principles of THE PARTY.
      Step 3: Thou shalt make no attempt to incorporate facts into thine counter argument, as such facts would likely prove detrimental to the narrative of THE PARTY.
      Step 4: Thou shalt, in all instances whether or not related to the argument, incorporate at least one mention of either Trump, racism, misinformation, or COVID.
      Step 5: Under no circumstances shalt thou violate Step 3, and always remember: well behaved subjects are always loyal first and foremost to THE PARTY.

        • I don’t watch Tucker Carlson, sorry. But here is what I actually do: source-document research, critical thinking, and this incredible thing—I cross party lines in interest of what I as a citizen think is morally, legally, and ethically right. And I respect the right of my neighbor to disagree without attacking their character or basis of thought.

          My observation yields the prevailing condition of many Americans, in politics or not, is strict, unwavering loyalty to a political party. Such loyalty seems to handicap the ability of citizens to engage in any sort of productive conversation. It’s sad. Just throw spears, insults, and personal attacks. No real, rich, meaningful dialogue.

          I find these forums disappointing. What a great opportunity for thoughtful, evidence based discussion within our small community of Fayette. A great opportunity usually wasted in favor of meaningless, shallow rhetoric and insults. Maybe instead of a quick 15 second emotionally charged reply with zero substance, we can one day establish a precedent in these forums in which those attacks are shunned and become the exception rather than the rule.

          • Given your argument, I suppose that you consider your 5 step retort above to be respectful, thoughtful, and evidence based instead of spear throwing, insulting, personally attacking, shallow, and emotionally charged.

            I admit that mine was insulting and demeaning. I am merely following the rhetoric of the 45th President. That appears to be the currency of political commentary since his election and subsequent defeat.

          • Good to hear from you Uncle Bruce. I must correct one thing in your post. Trump is not my orange deity. I have never and will never vote for him unless I’m on the jury to convict him of one of the multitude of his crimes. You evangelicals have supplanted a Jewish carpenter with him as your Messiah, not me.

          • Don’t kid yourself – he is practically the main source of your sainthood into Fiction. No wonder. For someone who constantly lifts him up and parades him around endlessly from pillar to post you are no doubt a worshipper. Don’t think a couple of votes would negate so much devotion.

          • BUFF says:
            “A great opportunity usually wasted in favor of meaningless, shallow rhetoric and insults. Maybe instead of a quick 15 second emotionally charged reply with zero substance, we can one day establish a precedent in these forums in which those attacks are shunned and become the exception rather than the rule.”

            Which I find so funny because on Trey’s previous submission (COVID v. Galileo or something like that), I presented a point by point refutation of the “arguments” with citations and factual information, and BUFF had not one comment to make either pro or con my well reasoned and documented assertions … but here let someone call Trey on his continued BS, and Buff is all over it about how no one here can think critically. I reckon it’s only critical thinking if the points made are ones Buff agrees with.

          • Jax – I agree wholeheartedly with you. The Fox crowd constantly asks for rational arguments from those of us who see Trey for the hyper-partisan, half-truth spinning, windbag that he is. Then when these arguments are presented, there is perfect silence in response or some version of “that’s not what I believe.” Doon constantly corrects their misinformation as well.

            You and Suz are much more charitable (understatement of the century) than am I because I can see no redemption for anyone who imagines that Donald Trump can lead a dog down the street, much less steer a democratically elected republic.

            The evangelical Christians who have sold their birthright for a bowl of stew are the most pathetic. Conservative columnist, David Brooks had an excellent article in Sunday’s New York Times describing these people who have abandoned their faith for a little power.

            At any rate, I appreciate your patience as you contribute rational arguments. I’ll refute with facts and satire, but I’m well beyond patience with a group of people who want to turn our country into an authoritarian state like Hungary or the Philippines.

        • Dear Stranger–
          Thank you. Not for just your words of encouragement; but also for what you add to the discussions, in your own manner.

          Saint Francis advised his followers,
          “I have done what was mine to do. May Christ teach you what is yours.”

          Surely if we keep the faith, we’ll all end up together. Although from many different paths.

          Best wishes!

          • Hi There, Brewster–
            Is it possible to overstate the boundless Love and scandalous grace of God?

            As hard as I try, I’m sure I just scratch the surface!

          • Watching you flail away in the darkness is about as amusing as seeing you encourage others in their faith. The resident Cheshire cat surrounded my cooing pigeons.

          • Hello Again Brewster–
            I’ve always thought darkness got a bad rap.

            It seems a rather holy place to me. At least Christ seems to spend a lot of time there, in the depths of our ignorance and incompetence. Doesn’t seem to phase Him.

            If any soul is hoping to find Him (or more accurately, hoping He’ll find them), they could do worse than joining us seekers, flailing around in the darkness.

            His light shines all the more brighter here!

          • It’s not about the darkness Suz – it’s about the deceptive schemes that are developed there in pride and arrogance and then paraded around as something they are not.

          • Brewster–
            Hmmm… flailing and now parading? Are you sure you don’t mean Mardi Gras in my beloved French Quarter?

            All I encountered in the darkness was help. And hope. And a way back home.

            Pride and arrogance were the first things to go. Once again, like Mardi Gras in NOLA, come to think of it!

    • Wing – Hoffman’s points have been thoroughly discredited in all but Fox World. Because you asked, I cite just a few of the problems with Trey’s arguments.

      Nothing “points convincingly that this is a man-made virus.” It is convenient to blame China’s version of the CDC for starting the pandemic, but the consensus has not made this clear.

      HCQ and ivermectin didn’t work. There was no need to throw more money at these ineffective therapies based solely on anecdotal “evidence.” The vaccines were much more promising, and the scientific community made the wise decision to pursue the vaccines to stem the pandemic instead of chasing these butterflies.

      The VAERS is a self-report forum on the CDC website. It is clearly marked as such, and so all kinds of symptoms are reported without scientific vetting. You must view anything read there with this in mind.

      Fauci and other infectious disease specialists were up front that their recommendations would change when science demonstrated more promising routes. They changed often as more was learned about the virus. This isn’t about pride; it is about evolving knowledge.

      Hoffman’s whole argument requires a secret cabal, the Covid Industrial Complex, that manipulates the world. He throws out organizations like the NIH and others, and he ties them together with innuendo. This is classic conspiracy theory.

      • None are so blind as those who choose to hide their eyes.

        The “CIC” to which Trey refers is Global. It’s not just the FDA & CDC. You say no consesus on the lab leak theory but it is proven by Fauci’s own emails that this theory needed to not be promulgated – for political, not for scientific reasons. And anyway, science is not consensus!

        You state that VAERS is voluntary inputs and not vetted. This assertion is partially false. As described by Fauci and the CDC head, the inputs are voluntary but all are vetted by CDC personnel prior to posting. That’s how they can say the someone who dies in a car wreck coming home from a Vax was not a Vax incident. In any case, the safety signal is clear if you only look. FDA and CDC now freely admit that there’s a marked increase in myocarditis cases post-vax, particularly for young men and boys. Their retort is that the increase is worse from the infection itself. I’m left with the question as to what about the combined risk with Vax and subsequent infection, because we now know that vax’ed get infected and spread infection.

        You claim that Ivermectin and HQC don’t work. Any data supporting that not sourced at the government? Scores of meta-data studies say that your assertion is baseless. Clearly, with such large populations and the large number of variables involved when looking at a statistical analysis of such data, one can only define trends and the trends say clearly that ivermectin in particular has a positive effect on outcomes when taken early in the disease (unlike the CDC sponsored study for use late in progression). And, unlike HQC the safety profile for Ivermectin is well known and very safe. Its been known for years that Ivermectin and HQC have anti-viral actions.
        The point made by Trey is that the powers that be in the US squashed even allowing doctors (you know, scientists) the ability to try these cheap and readily available drugs. The only question for all you critical thinkers is Why?

        Finally, it is rich that the same people who screeched that a vaccine brought to market, based on a never before use technology, in less than a year was unsafe and driven by the megalomaniac in the WH all of the sudden put complete faith in the next megalomaniac to plant his keester in the Oval Office defending that same only partially tested treatment to the hilt. I have news for you, the vast majority of those who do not want to be jabbed would be the same people regardless of the 2020 election; only difference is that if the incumbent won, the number of those not getting poked would be much larger. Think on that critically.

        • Alf – Thanks for your reply and looking into Hoffman’s points. I don’t think that we are that far apart on the issues we are debating, but instead, we weigh them much differently in forming a final conclusion.

          I stand behind my previous post, but I do acknowledge that Hoffman builds his argument on half-truths that he exaggerates and spins into a web of conspiracy. It is possible that this was a man-made virus, but that is not the consensus as Trey states. There are still differing opinions about this among scientists. The VAERS is a self-report measure that is of interest to the CDC, but the numbers are nowhere close to those that Trey reports, especially when comparing regular flu deaths with COVID deaths. And even though you discount government sources for the effectiveness of Ivermectin and HQC, I still consider the CDC and NIH to be very reliable sources. These drugs are not very effective against COVID even though they probably have negligent negative effects.

          Basically, Hoffman weaves together disparate facts that contain some truth and presents them as solid established facts. Then he produces a global conspiracy based on this flimsy evidence.

          One thing that you and I heartily agree upon is that no matter who was elected president in 2020, we would still lag in vaccination rates in the industrialized world. Our citizens just will not trust a government led by someone on the opposite end of their political spectrum.

          • Thank you, Stranger, for being the one to present the logical and documentable arguments this time!

            The misuse of VAERS to frighten people, in particular, is SOOOO annoying to me! Do people really think if the vaccine were killing thousands that it would be wholly ignored by the medical community and the media? Such silliness.

            And the funny part of Trey’s using this is, I am pretty sure he is vaccinated! So WHY is he pretending the vaccination is unneeded and just part of the “COVID Industrial Complex” (?!) and probably dangerous? So irritating, especially when lives are at stake!

            You say, “I can see no redemption for anyone who imagines that Donald Trump can lead a dog down the street, much less steer a democratically elected republic.” My response Ha ha ha ha! I see redemption available for anyone, but I got a hearty laugh from your statement.

            you also say, “Our citizens just will not trust a government led by someone on the opposite end of their political spectrum.” I don’t think that’s what is holding people back. The vaccine was developed on Pres Trump’s watch, and I got it, despite my abhorrence for the behavior and politics of Pres Trump. Also, it seems to me like the anti-vaccination folks are on a spectrum: I know a crunchy/New Agey/granola girl who rejects the GOP and vaccines, and I know a billion right-wing/borderline fascist evangelicals who reject vaccines. Somehow distrust of science has united the fringe of highly incompatible groups.

            I blame the internets. And here I am on the internet!