Braves locate Santa’s missing list


The Braves saved the day! When someone stole Santa’s list, Oak Grove Elementary students teamed up to crack the case.

Students in Brittan Parker’s 3rd grade ESOL group and Brooke Fuller’s 3rd grade EIP group combined classes for a week to act out a mystery. The story takes place at Santa’s workshop, and a character stole the list. Students were given parts, and they read through the script together with the goal to figure out which character was the culprit.

At various spots throughout the play, they discussed the events that were happening and the vocabulary that went along with the play. They also talked about a character’s motive and their feelings to narrow down the suspect.

“Our hope was that our students learned about reading from a script and using expression when it comes to taking on the role of a character,” said Brooke Fuller. “It is important for our students to gain a better understanding of words in order to put the story together. It was our intention for students to comprehend what they were reading so that they were able to figure out which character stole Santa’s list and why.”