County Tech Competition crowns champions


Many of the county’s brightest minds gathered for a bit of friendly competition on December 4 at Rising Starr Middle for the Fayette County Student Technology Competition.

Students in grades 3-12 competed in 14 categories: 3D Modeling, Animation, Audio Production, Device Modification, Digital Game Design, Digital Photo Production, Graphic Design, Internet Applications, Mobile Apps, Multimedia Applications, Programming Challenge, Project Programming, Robotics, and Video Production.

First place winners move on to the regional competition in January.

The 3D Modeling winners were Siddhant Nahar (Oak Grove, grades 3-4), Parisa Mehdipour (Peachtree City, 5-6), Evan Johnson and Alex High (McIntosh, 9-10), and Izzy Luna and Joe Moore (McIntosh, 11-12).

The Animation winners were Isabella Soler-Ramirez (PTC, 3-4), Bryan Ogbannu (Burch, 5-6), and Natalia Cho and Alen Arzuaga (McIntosh, 9-10).

The Audio Production winners were Jonathan Hoofnagle (Minter, 3-4), Gianna Smith (PTC, 5-6), and Reid Cooper (Booth, 7-8).

The Device Modification winners were Sri Vishaka Senthilnathan (PTC, 3-4), Davis Henry and Ben Collins (Oak Grove, 5-6), Parth Mahajan (Rising Starr, 7-8), Mohamed Ali Mokri and Kaden Korn (McIntosh, 9-10), and Mark van Zyl (McIntosh, 11-12).

The Digital Game Design winners were Kantaro Sugiyama (PTC, 3-4), Yide Dong and Parks Richardson (PTC, 5-6), Barsolino Leconte (Flat Rock, 7-8), and Vedita Sawhney (McIntosh, 9-10).

The Digital Photo Production winners were Manu Krishna (PTC, 3-4), Sophia Ana Manalo (PTC, 5-6), Julia Vanderwalker and Maliah Walters (Flat Rock, 7-8), and Luke Walters (Starr’s Mill, 11-12).

The Graphic Design winners were Julianna Vick (Inman, 3-4), Abey Levoy and Mia Clark (Flat Rock, 5-6), Kate Scott and Kenice Taylor (McIntosh, 11-12).

The Internet Applications winners were Grace Darby (Peeples, 3-4), Cara Greenberg and Angelica Bacigalupo (Oak Grove, 5-6), and Dua Meghani (Flat Rock, 7-8).

The Mobile Apps winners were Emily Bauer and Brailey Reynolds (Inman, 3-4), Risha Naidu (Oak Grove, 5-6), and Yashwin Ramesh-Babu (Flat Rock, 7-8).

The Multimedia Applications winners were Elizabeth Hart (PTC, 3-4), Mridula Gokul (PTC, 5-6), and Logan Walters and Brady Bowers (Starr’s Mill, 11-12).

The Programming Challenge winners were Harsh Singh and Andrew Lakly (McIntosh, 9-10) and Marc van Zyl and Aadhav Sundar (McIntosh, 11-12).

The Project Programming winners were Asahi Sanchez and Matthew Smith (Oak Grove, 3-4) and Vaughn Kerrane (Rising Starr, 5-6).

The Robotics winners were Aakash Bojanki (Peeples, 3-4), Isaac Alejandro Perez Zavaleta (PTC, 5-6), and Kayla Hoang and Justin Lin (Whitewater, 7-8).

The Video Production winners were Danica Muyco and Arantza Contreras Franco (PTC, 3-4), Macy Johnson (Oak Grove, 5-6), and Sana Chitalwala and Aspen Heist (McIntosh, 9-10).