Minter students become LEGO designers


Students at Sara Harp Minter Elementary don’t just like to play with LEGO, they want to design their very own.

The 3rd grade Mountain Lions took on the role of a LEGO designer and were tasked with planning out a new pixel LEGO creation to submit for a possible new set. Students also recreated their design on a Google Slideshow to present to their classmates.

For the math unit on area, they learned multiple ways to find the area of a two-dimensional shape such as tiling, counting squares, and using the standard area formula. The activity will also be tied into their opinion writing unit where students will write an opinion piece on why their creation should be chosen as the next LEGO Ideas Set.

“My goal was for students to apply these skills to applications that are meaningful to them and to have an opportunity to showcase their creativity,” said teacher Stacy McClanahan. “I also wanted for students to see that there are many amazing jobs that involve different aspects of math.”