Letter from Eric Imker: Opponent supports leftists, I’m a conservative


First, a big thank you for the immense surge in support I’ve received over the past couple of weeks. It’s gratifying to see the number of folks passionate about maintaining Peachtree City’s unique feel, village concept, and family-oriented way of life … the way our city’s founders intended. Please ensure you get out and vote for Eric Imker Nov. 30 (election day).

My fellow Republicans are also on the ballot for Post #4. Both Mr. Destadio and Dr. Crane are Conservatives. In addition, our Conservative candidate, Ms. Caola defeated the Democrat incumbent handily. I’m proud to say I had her campaign sign in my yard, too. I’m counting on all our Peachtree City Republicans and Conservatives to continue to vote for the only Republican for Mayor, Eric Imker. More on that in a moment.

My last letter to the editor outlined differences between my opponent and I regarding voting record and policy. It’s time to discuss a few more and talk accountability for decisions made.

The current city council actually did a fair job setting policy. But they dropped the ball with the oversight part of their responsibilities. Far too many projects have had absolutely horrendous cost overruns. Here’s just two examples for your consideration:

1. The cart path bridge over Ga. Highway 54 near MacDuff Parkway was supposed to cost $1.6 million of SPLOST funds. They used $2.6 million and then took another $1 million from impact fees of the new homes going in on MacDuff to cover the additional overrun. Only an open records request gets you this information.

2. Cost documentation for the new little cart path crossing on Crosstown Road near Ga. Highway 74 shows it was in the SPLOST budget for $23,000. Current cost and still counting, $343,000. Outrageous.

You’ve already held previous members of council accountable for these types of mismanagement by voting them out. We need to continue that accountability.

These basic project cost overruns are yet another reason to lower taxes. A tax reduction is just as much about accountability to those who manage our money as it is for the sake of keeping that money in the pockets of those who deserve it: you.

We can, and will, have great PTC services, raises for first responders, and city amenities while being responsible with the citizens’ money. Those who mismanage, or worse, can be bought by special interests, should not be rewarded with future civil service.

Regarding traffic — My opponent claims they will start working traffic solutions on “Day One.” But where were these solutions over the past YEARS while on city council?

Have you seen any improvements on Hwy. 54 traffic during rush hour while my opponent was on city council for 8 years and proposing nothing?

As my previous letter to the editor highlighted, there is a difference between words and actions. Again, there must be accountability. As far as the infamous light on Hwy. 54, GDOT did in fact send the council a letter saying this additional traffic light would make traffic worse and not to do it.

The vote came and I voted “No.” My opponent voted “Yes.” We now have worse Hwy. 54 traffic because of that vote.

My opponent says I had run-ins with former Mayor Haddix. She had just as many. She dressed down the mayor multiple times and caused the mayor to leave his post during a council meeting. Let’s stay focused on the issues and not go down this path.

We, as a collective new council, will now listen to the citizens. I’ve had over 70 meet and greets at various locations around the city during the last several months, and not just for campaigning purposes. I’ve recorded several dozen concerns the citizens have shared so we, as council, can get back to them after I am mayor.

I will continue to talk with our citizens after the election and not just come out during election time. No one should consider themselves too high and mighty to talk to the people that matter: the constituents.

Now, this must be flat out said: My opponent calling herself a Republican is the biggest untruth of the entire election.

She was the campaign manager for the Democrat for Ga. House Seat 72 last year, Fred Rovner. Rovner is the most extreme leftist radical progressive you could ever run into. Why my opponent would want someone like that representing Peachtree City is beyond me. Fortunately, the Republican won that race.

My opponent deleted years of Trump-hate Facebook posts and even a “Like” of Nancy Pelosi before announcing for mayor. Even her own supporters call her a Democrat on Facebook, saying they are glad to see a Democrat running for mayor. She supported the Democrat for Ga. House Seat 71 last year.

There is more. She knows PTC is a Republican city and will say anything to appease the masses. But with her latest letter claiming to be a Republican, it’s now open season on this topic. Let the Republicans in our city know and vote for the only true Republican for Mayor, Eric Imker.

Overall, if this were any other city, I wouldn’t be this passionate about maintaining its charm. But this is Peachtree City. Our home. And not just another run-of-the-mill city.

If you want more rezoning of open land to residential to pack our city, more traffic, more cost overruns, and a divergence from our city founders’ village concept, I’m not your guy.

It takes courage and fortitude to preserve the gem our city is recognized to be. We can celebrate changes, improvements, and quality of life without abandoning the village concept our founders intended.

We can help traffic flow now, today, with solutions I’ve put forward, and improve it even more in the years to come.

We can stop the absurd cost overruns of basic projects. You all have spoken by holding those council members accountable whose actions contributed to the city’s issues today. You did not elect them again.

I ask you to maintain that accountability one more time. This is our city. We can do this. Please vote for Eric Imker on Tuesday, Nov. 30 (election day).

Eric Imker, Candidate for Mayor

Website for ideas, actual solutions, and more: www.ericimker4ptc.com

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. I was really indifferent on this one, likely to sit it out. This letter just motivated me to get up, hop on the golf cart and head up to Kedron Fieldhouse to vote for Kim. You could have had my vote if you had asked for support from PTC citizens regardless of party identification. I live in this city with you, love it and support it. Stop trying to divide us and turn us against each other.

  2. I have made this point in another thread, I believe the vote shouldn’t be about party lines but…

    The Democrats have ruined most cities in the US with the criminals running them.

    Is this ideology coming to PTC?

    The numbers don’t lie!

    Imker gets my vote.

  3. I could never grasp aligning with one party. It’s the main reason I register as NPA. I find if you open your mind, there is potential in candidates of either party. Mr. Imker has documented issues when it comes to dealing with others, especially when they have opposing views. His opponent has similar documented issues when it comes to integrating personal agendas into the community that the community doesn’t want. Both have served in City office, and both share responsibility for not getting things done that could make our way of life better in PTC. Calling someone a Democrat or Republican to try and demean them is childish. Claiming that PTC is a “Republican” town is small minded as well. It’s our town. Dems, Reps, and Independents alike. I am old enough to remember when you picked the best candidate for office, not have to choose the lesser of two evils as is the case these days. I had hoped to see a group of new candidates, not a pile of people who have served on council or past mayorships and accomplished very little. Now we are stuck with these two. I hope whoever wins can set aside childish behaviors and focus on serving the community. The entire community. PTC deserves it, as do it’s citizens.

  4. “PTC is a Republican city”

    I’m not enamored with either political party. Why do you insist on bringing national politics to our small city? Why don’t you want to be *my* mayor? Our stop signs don’t have a political affiliation.

    Your vision of Peachtree City is garbage, of a “Pleasantville” which is a boomer’s last gasp at denying the very real changes that are taking place across America and in our homes. I’m hoping for more nuance in a mayor, but apparently, the only “right” idea is yours. How special you are to always be the smartest guy in the room?

    Your hope is that we have a City Council that won’t require discussion before enacting any changes. That speaks poorly of your desire for original thought, discussion, and compromise. How are you going to actually work with GDOT to address issues on 54 and 74 when they don’t want to jump to your barked orders? What happens when they say “no”? Are you going to force us into court (and WASTES our money on lawyers) because GDOT won’t click their heels and do what you tell them?

    And if you don’t like my characterization of your beliefs, then why do you use the labels of national politics when we can talk about the state of golf cart paths?