Letter from Kim Learnard: Mayoral election not about partisan division


Dear Peachtree City friends and neighbors,

When I began my campaign for mayor, I made it clear from day one what principles and core values have shaped my life, would shape my campaign, and, if you see fit to elect me, will shape my tenure as mayor.

I am an engineer, an educator, and a businesswoman. I have always strived to embody experienced, measured, and thoughtful leadership. I have always felt willing and driven to listen to citizen concerns, to build meaningful relationships, and to help wherever I can make a difference. I am humbled that so many of you have supported me as I have interacted with you over the years and on the campaign trail.

As a mayoral candidate, I have focused on the issues that Peachtree City residents believe are important, and as mayor I want to make Peachtree City the best that it can be. I care deeply about finding and implementing solutions to the issues we are facing, while preserving the character and traditions of Peachtree City.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, my opponent wishes to distract from the issues and make this election about partisan division.

A five-minute review of my voting record would dispel my opponent’s entire tirade about partisanship. One more time, for those in the back of the room: This is a nonpartisan election.

My opponent is circulating laughable fabrications about my party affiliation, as well as a counterfeit version of the ballot. Visit https://www.fayettecountyga.gov/elections/archives/sampleballots/2021/11-30-2021-Municipal-Runoff-Election-Peachtree-City-Sample-Ballot.pdf to view the real ballot for Tuesday’s election.

I am endorsed by three current City Council members and a long list of community leaders across the political spectrum. My campaign has the strong support of citizens across parties and from all corners of the city.

As mayor, I will lead with integrity. I will work to improve traffic congestion, support recreation, conserve our greenspace, and preserve our Peachtree City quality of life, both now and in the future. I want to be a mayor everyone can be proud of, regardless of their political leanings.

To me, debating issues is more important than attacking people. I believe that a mayor is someone who leads by example, works well with others, champions community events, shares a positive spirit, and exudes maturity. I believe the middle still matters, and that civility has an important place in our local government.

Peachtree City, if you want unity, fresh thinking, positive leadership, respect for Peachtree City traditions and character, and a bright and better future for our children and grandchildren, vote Kim Learnard for Mayor. If you want four years of divisive partisanship, fiscal austerity and dysfunction, you have that option in my opponent.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 30. I am asking for your help to ensure that the next four years in Peachtree City are years of optimism and solutions, not partisan squabbling. Vote for the candidate who is “Passionate about Peachtree City!”

Kim Learnard, Candidate for Mayor

Peachtree City, Ga.