Defend Peachtree City from Democrat infiltration


Peachtree City is exceptional because of its conservative base, but it is now time to defend the village from the Democrat infiltration that so many other cities have rapidly fallen to.

Kim Learnard, Fred Rovner’s (D) (Stacey Abrams and Bernie Sanders supporter) campaign manager, is a career politician riding on outside influence, who will turn our home into an overrun city (based on previous votes) and the village will be gone.

What will more dense packed housing, more traffic lights (brought in by Learnard’s LCI type initiative on Huddleston Road), traffic lights with no near-term solutions, allowing MARTA in, and taking outside money (influence) do to Peachtree City? Change it forever!

Military veteran Eric Imker represents the conservative policies that always work and he proposes the following: lowering taxes, lowering water and stormwater bills, trade school start up, replacing the animal shelter, strengthening police and fire, addressing the traffic problems and most importantly, stopping outside influence on our village. And, he will do it for free.

We know it takes a village and we need to save it for future generations.

If you don’t vote, then don’t complain when the village is gone. Voting is your role in protecting your community. It’s time to step up.

Brandon Lewis

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Safety, safety, safety…

    I truly am worried about the crime in all these cities and the lack of firm sentences and enforcement in all these Democrat cities.

    Is that soon coming to PTC?

    I agree this should not be about party lines but the numbers don’t lie.

    • Anyone who votes for a Republican leaning Mayor or politician (after what the national Republicans did – Jan 6) … are not seeing reality. Peachtree City does not need that kind of leadership or beliefs. [This too is rather extended and irrelative as well. Or is it?]

  2. Alas, we are all sick of the division but we must realize that our worldviews inform all our choices both large and small. Ms. Learners is obviously a lovely person but she is a politician with smooth political speech to folks over the differences of her decidedly left lean. Yes, left or right can pave a road but the destination of that road over the long term is different.

    Imker is the best choice!

  3. I was elected twice as a Republican. But there is no Republican or Democrat way to pave a road. Kim has tried to build consensus. Imker has not.
    She has a positive vision for Ptc based on what the citizens want. She’s the better candidate.