Please don’t shoot from your apartment into your neighbor’s bathroom


A Peachtree City police officer responded Sept. 27 to a call on South Peachtree Parkway regarding a gunshot. The complainant showed police a hole in the wall of his residence from a bullet, and the investigation revealed that it had been fired from the apartment next door, going through the wall and lodging in the neighbor’s bathroom.

Dante Brooks, 20, of Peachtree City was arrested and charged with reckless conduct.

If you’re going to keep driving around Peachtree City even though your license is suspended, make sure everything on the car is legal and in working order. Two motorists recently learned this lesson the hard way.

According to reports, officers were patrolling the area of Hwy. 74 and Planterra Way Sept. 29 when a car was pulled over because its windows were too dark. The driver was found to have a suspended license for failure to appear. Amanda Pike, 38, of Hogansville was arrested and taken to Fayette County Jail.

Another driver who failed to appear in court and had his license suspended was caught navigating the city’s streets that same day. It was a headlight violation that got him in this case, and he was pulled over in the area of Hwy. 74 and Kedron Drive. Terrell Thomas, 20, of Palmetto was arrested and taken to jail.

Elsewhere in Peachtree City, officers were dispatched Sept. 28 to an accident at a private residence. The driver was found to have been operating her vehicle while under the influence. Deborah Everett, 60, of Peachtree City was arrested on that charge.

Driving under the influence is also a crime when on a golf cart, and officers encountered such a situation Sept. 28 near North Peachtree Parkway. Two people were on the cart, with driver found to be under the influence of suspected alcohol. Emily Camarata, 49, of Peachtree City was arrested and the golf cart was released to a sober driver.


  1. Why would you want them to wise up and start checking their vehicles before coming to PTC??? I think it’s awesome criminals come here, basically wearing beacons, to alert our awesome officers (all but one of them are awesome, I digress) that they are either up to no good or have warrants and/or drugs on them! It’s a non stop carousel of criminals being hauled off to Fayette County Jail! Although, I doubt seriously any of them are reading news articles or reading at all…. let them keep putting the tint that’s too dark on their cars before heading out to sell drugs, let them drive around with one headlight, one taillight, and whatever other beacons they choose to dawn as they grace us with their presence in our wonderful city. As our PTC LEO’s wait patiently for them to shine so brightly, standing out amongst all others. Well played criminals….. well played.