Vote Frank Destadio for Peachtree City Council Post 4, proven leadership and experience


Frank has a proven track record that his opponent simply cannot match.

He served on the:

• Peachtree City Planning Commission 2010-2021, where he was Chairman 2016-2021 and was instrumental in preventing the Great Wolf Lodge from locating in PTC neighborhoods.

• Worked to keep multi-family townhomes separate from industrial areas.

• He served on the Fayette County Water Committee — two terms from 2017-2021.

• Appointed by City Council to represent the interest of Peachtree City regarding the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) study group.

• Worked to keep additional multi-family construction from a high traffic, highly congested areas along Hwy 54.

Frank has demonstrated his commitment to Peachtree City since relocating here in 2000

His personal profile includes the following:

• Peachtree City resident since 2000, actively involved in multiple community programs

• Volunteer at Ashley Glen Assisted Living Facility. Conducts weekly Men’s Group for the residents for several years.

• Eucharistic Minister and Usher at Holy Trinity Church.

• Knights of Columbus, serving in all levels of Council responsibility and supporting all community programs like “Coats for Kids”, Breakfast with Santa” and initial Parkway’s clean-up program.

• American Legion Post 50, Peachtree City- member 15 years, supporting all veterans’ programs.

Frank obviously has a strong desire to continue to serve his community and to become a PTC Council member. He is totally committed to preserving Peachtree City’s village concept and the city’s quality of life, both now and in the future.

He will bring his strong knowledge of the city’s planning and zoning issues, gained through many years on the Planning Commission, to the Council.

As a civil engineer, he clearly understands the increased traffic conjestion caused by past missteps, over the years, by many city councils.

His past military experience and leadership skills, developed over years of life experiences dealing with difficult issues, makes him the right man to make the right decisions right now. Vote for Frank Destadio for the Council now.

• For more information about Frank and his vision for Peachtree City,visit his website, www., or his Facebook page, @Fdestadioforcouncil.

Early voting begins on Saturday, November 20th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and runs through Wednesday November 24th, also from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with no voting on Sunday, November 21st. Election day voting is on November 30th

Jason Grimes

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. I did not know Mr. Destadio at all, so I did some research on the Post 4 candidates. I spoke with both candidates independently. As a CEO interviewing a future employee, my questions were very direct. Both were cordial and I was able to make my opinion based on my own research. My vote will be placed for Mr. Frank Destadio. Dr. Phil Crane will be more experienced and knowledgeable on PTC issues next term. Destadio is more qualified and comes in with precise experience. PTC needs Destadio today, and furthermore PTC, to not elect the best qualified is ludicrous.

  2. If Mr. Destadio is “totally committed” in your opinion, then why does he seem unable to find his way to city hall for council meetings? Mr. Destadio has not attended a council meeting or budget workshop in 2021. Even Mr. Imker manages to show up at city hall for council meetings every now and then.

    • As I believe has been well-publicized for some time, those meetings conflict with Destadio’s long-standing commitment to Knights of Columbus meetings. He diligently reviews the meeting recordings afterwards and provides input as necessary.

      He has, however, stated quite openly and with that organization’s support, that the Council will unequivocally take priority. But this has been known among those who follow City government for some time. Welcome to the fold, Rachel.