Young Cats expand their tastes in reading


The media center at Whitewater Middle is a great place to pick out a new favorite book. The 6th grade Wildcats have some new selections to read after a recent “book tasting” event designed to expose them to genres they might not otherwise read.

There were 9 different genre tables complete with table cloths, place settings, and decorations. Genres used were classic literature, horror, humorous fiction, romance, dystopian, science fiction, fantasy, urban fiction, and historical fiction.

Students participated in 3-5 minute rounds in which they had time to read the summary of the book on the back or inside the front flap or a couple of pages of the book. They folded a piece of paper into four quadrants and used one section for each time they rotated to a different genre.

Dr. Becky Warren was thrilled to see the positive response for the event.

“Some students found out they really DID like something different after all!”