Learnard, Imker in runoff for mayor, Destadio and Crane in Post 4 runoff; incumbents Oddo, Madden fall


FINAL and UNOFFICIAL TALLY, 15 of 15 PRECINCTS REPORTING 9:40 P.M. — Kim Learnard and Eric Imker — who served together on the City Council — will meet in a runoff Nov. 30 to determine who will be Peachtree City’s next mayor.

Frank Destadio, currently serving as a volunteer on the city’s Planning Commission, will meet Phil Crane Nov. 30 to determine who will fill the open Post 4 seat.

Political newcomer Gretchen Caola beat incumbent Post 3 Councilman Kevin Madden.

In Fayetteville, longtime incumbent Councilman Paul Oddo fell to newcomer Niyah Glover for Post 5.

In Tyrone, multi-term incumbent Gloria Furr held off challengers Taiwo Idowu and Danny Dolan to hold her Post 4 Town Council seat.

And Fayetteville voters voted to allow package liquor sales, 1,299 to 467.

The final unofficial count was as follows:

PTC Mayor (open, incumbent Vanessa Fleisch was term-limited)

Terry Ernst   439  451  814  1,099

Nick Ferrante   657  683  1,098  1,400

Don Haddix   48  49  107  140

Eric Imker   1,274  1,291  2,310  3,161

Kim Learnard   1,530  1,572  2,515  3,275

RUNOFF between Learnard and Imker Nov. 30.


PTC Council Post 3 (Madden incumbent)

Kevin Madden   1,670  1,720  2,963  3,960

Gretchen Caola   2,117  2,162  3,580  4,678


PTC Council Post 4 (Open, Terry Ernst was term-limited)

Phil Crane   1,093  1,126  1,873  2,494

Frank Destadio   1,337  1,361  2,180  2,811

Alan Livsey   232  238  486  699

Rick Bryant   1,041  1,071  1,820  2,391

RUNOFF between Destadio and Crane Nov. 30.


Fayetteville Council Post 5 (Paul Oddo incumbent)

Niyah Glover   426  458  786  1,026

Paul Oddo   271  293  534  720


Tyrone Town Council Post 4 (Gloria Furr incumbent)

Danny Dolan   116  118  256

Gloria Furr   438  441  685

Taiwo O. Idowu  327  332  627




YES — 1,299

NO — 467



Three contested posts on the Peachtree City Council, and one contested council post each in Fayetteville and Tyrone have gone before the voters of the three municipalities this first Tuesday in November.

At least two of the posts will have definite winners and losers by the time all the votes are counted tonight because each had only two candidates contesting the outcomes: Post 3 on the Peachtree City Council and Post 5 on the Fayetteville City Council.

Here’s what we expect tonight after the polls close at 7 p.m., based on information from Brian Hill, director of Elections and Voter Registration for Fayette County.

Don’t be looking for running vote tallies on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website; it’s not involved in municipal elections.

There will be a series of reports posted on the Fayette County election website — https://fayettecountyga.gov/elections/election_results.htm

Here’s the schedule you may expect to get updated on vote totals:

7-7:15 p.m. — Elections office will run a summary report of all early voting and all absentee votes, including mail-in votes. Then that summary will be posted on the county website. (And we’ll post it on TheCitizen.com).

Approximately 7:45 p.m. — Officials will update the earlier summary with any precincts that may have come in. That summary will be posted on the county website, and we will post it on TheCitizen.com.

No more reports are expected until all 15 precincts have come in and all have been tallied. That might be in by 9 p.m., but no guarantees.

There are 15 precincts total: 1 in Tyrone, 2 in Fayetteville, and 12 in Peachtree City.

One hint: The early vote tally shortly after 7 p.m. is likely to mirror (albeit roughly) the final vote percentages, kind of like a giant random poll with a high degree of confidence. Close races are exempt from that generalization.

Below are sample ballots from the three municipalities:


  1. PTCCitizen noted that 63.6 % of the vote went to Democrat affiliated candidates. What the hell is wrong with folks? All the conservatives are so focused on the Joe Biden and his disastrous policies on a National level, they are failing to see what’s really happening on a local level. The Democrats have figured out that if they bring their unicorn and rainbow candidates to local cities, towns, and counties they have “sleeper cells” so to speak, waiting to be activated. Make no mistake, when push comes to shove, regardless of whether its good for the people, Democrats will be PARTY first. Unfortunately, many of those candidates are just “useful idiots” unable to see they are being used until its too late and its time to pay the piper for the party’s support.
    NOTHING the Democrats do for or promise to the people EVER turns out in their favor. Liberals were all in favor of increased wages, well they got them, but those increases have pretty much been negated by inflation, brought on by Liberal policies. Think twice before EVER voting for a Democrat.

    • You better look again. Ferrante pulled in 15% of the vote. Now if you honestly and truly believe that Ferrante is some kind of Manchurian candidate, that means 15% of your fellow voters are suckers. On the other hand, it also means that the concerted smear campaign from establishment politicians failed to get an alleged commie pinko down to 0%. So from the cloistered bunker mentality in which you live, that should strike fear into your heart.

      Not mine. I’m comfortable having abandoned my usual straight-party R voting habits for a guy who may personally lean left of center, but brought effective and broad based policy proposals to the table. I hope to God that Ferrante doesn’t give up, and that his campaign might morph into something that continues to promote changes in this town that steer this community away from the kind of big box retail hellhole that we see between us and Atlanta. And I look forward to supporting Learnard in the run-off.

  2. Congratulations and thanks to all that took the time and resources to run for office. It’s easy to sit back and complain, but you each put your money where your mouth is and that is commendable and needs to be respected.

  3. Today is a good day! PTC residents have sent forward the best and most viable 2 candidates.

    The Dems’ confused and immoral brand of wokeism, hypocrisy, and distraction were pushed back but there is still more work to do. The audacity to align with the current Democratic party is evidence of a cultural disease spread. Pity the sick but don’t let them too close!

    • [Facepalm.gif]

      Candidates in that non-partisan race who are affiliated with the Democrat party got 63.6% of the total vote.

      Maybe it’s time you turned off your TV, got off the internet, and engaged locally. Suburban/Exurban Democrats tend to range from centrist to conservative. Stop voting for a brand, and start voting for ideas.

  4. Thank goodness that the vast majority of Peachtree City residents saw right through Ferrante’s Hocus Pocus message. That being said – Nick you obviously love this city, why not use that passion and serve on a volunteer board; you can still make a difference in this town.

    • Today is a good day! PTC residents have sent forward the best and most viable 2 candidates.

      The Dems’ confused and immoral brand of wokeism, hypocrisy, and distraction were pushed back but there is still more work to do. The audacity to align with the current Democratic party is evidence of a cultural disease spread. Pity the sick but don’t let them too close!

        • Translation: Whatever the opposite of woke is also turns to poop.

          People need to pop their own ideological bubbles and be willing to meet on common ground with people they are likely to disagree with broadly. Categorical thinking is a disease and ideological possession is a symptom of that disease.

          • I believe you will find with little effort that “categorical thinking” is a normal human mental process and not a pathology. It’s okay when the result is correct, but not okay when the result is incorrect. One might look at the process as being similar to that of “fight or flight.” When the result is correct, it’s good. When the result is incorrect, it’s not optimal. Sometimes it works well and sometimes not so well. Inputs are critical to obtaining the correct results, or, as they say, “garbage in, garbage out.”

          • You’re right. Categorical thinking is useful for low value decisions with undifferentiated inputs. I don’t need to think about the choice between water and soda every time I’m presented with it. But we’re talking about decisions that shape public policy that affect ourselves, our future, and our community. When people do something as completely ignorant as punch a straight party ticket, or fail to gather sufficient data to make a choice, the result is devastating to society.

            That is how we do things like putting a dementia patient within reach of the launch codes when we should be taking away their car keys.

          • Citizen PAIN is quite obviously a SORE LOSER! Perhaps you should seriously consider moving to MORE ‘WOKE’ PASTURES where FAKERY and PHONY and UNDERCOVER STEALTH DEMOCRAT OPERATIVES are the order of the day.