Fayette Rep. Tish Naghise dies suddenly at age 59


State Representative Tish Naghise (D-Fayetteville, District 68) — whose district encompassed a large segment of Fayette County — died March 8 after a short illness.

She was first elected to her post this past November and was participating in her first General Assembly session now going on in Atlanta when she became ill. She was sworn in Jan. 9 to her first term.

Her district runs mostly north-south and includes the area around the former Booth Middle School in Peachtree City at its southern end and northward through eastern Peachtree City, Tyrone, the Trilith area of west Fayetteville and into south Fulton County.

“Though her time in the legislature was brief, we know she cared deeply for the people of Fayetteville and the surrounding area,” Governor Brian P. Kemp said in a statement March 8.

“We have lost a dear member of our Georgia Legislative Black Caucus family, and we are deeply saddened by the passing of Representative Tish Naghise,” said Rep. Carl Gilliard (D-Savannah), chairman of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, in a statement issued March 9.

“House District 68 and our entire state has lost a true people’s servant. During her time as a new state legislator, her light of leadership brought a sense of calm and warmth to the House floor each day, and we know that her memory will certainly remain throughout the Capitol. The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus offers our sincerest prayers and condolences to the Naghise family,” Rep. Gilliard said.

Naghise won the fall election with 63% of the vote. Previously she had served as a regional field director for the Democratic Party of Georgia and as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2020. She had lived in the Fayetteville area since 2002, according to her website. She got involved in politics in 2008 when she worked as an organizer for Barack Obama in his winning presidential campaign in 2008.

Gov. Kemp is expected to call a special election to fill the vacant District 68 seat in the near future.


    • Sorry Wing, when you wrote that he “published interesting findings,” I thought you meant that he conducted research. What’s his name? Perhaps I can find some of the research he cites in peer reviewed journals.


  1. Sad to hear of her passing. Her photo makes it appear she was in decent health and physical condition. There are so many people dying suddenly, that had previously been healthy…….you just wonder if the effects of the Covid vaccine are fully known, and to what extent the covid vaccine played a part in her passing. I don’t ever remember this many healthy people dying suddenly. There’s been too many to count.

      • You should do some research yourself also, instead of sitting in your echo chamber. Try thinking for yourself once instead of just finding something you agree with politically and proclaiming it as truth.

      • Am I in any way disparaging her character? I’m questioning the trend of healthy middle-aged people dying suddenly from brief illnesses. You get your feelings hurt way too easy if you think that pointing out worrisome trends is disrespectful. In fact, your efforts to associate my possible hypothesis with nonsensical causes is more disrespectful. You should watch your own words.

    • How did Covid vaccines enter this discussion. Is there any indication that she was even vaccinated?

      Please turn off Fox News – Everyone isn’t a victim of some sinister design upon the world.

      Truth is stranger than fiction.

      • I don’t watch Fox News. Don’t go to their web site either. But thanks for showing your cards by trying to discredit me because of a source of information. That tells me you really are uneducated and just a mindless simple puppet who believes everything that is spoon fed to you.

        I do know at least 4 people who were in excellent health, who were all vaccinated, who died suddenly. Two were women who died from cardiac arrest – which is relatively uncommon in women and more common in obese women, neither of which were in this case. You can do your own research and find studies (that are immediately discredited or ignored by the MSM and by Fauci and his fellow government bureaucrats.) and you can make your own conclusions. But I’ll tell you that you’re not doing yourself any favors by listening to talking heads or politicians and thinking you’re getting the truth.

        • Wing – Congratulations for avoiding Fox News. I’m sorry for the deaths of your acquaintances.

          You and I see the world very differently in regards to threats, cover-ups, and conspiracies to hide the truth. To each his own. Shalom.

          • STF – you simply just cannot trust the MSM anymore and you can’t trust 90% of our elected leaders or bureaucrats anymore. They all have agendas. You’re seeing it now as they slowly start to acknowledge that the Wuhan Flu *shocker* just might have been from a lab leak in Wuhan, not from a bat that spit in someone’s soup or whatever other ridiculous story they made up.

          • Wing – I am a researcher, and I rely on peer reviewed research to answer scientific questions, not some reporter with no expertise on the topic. I can find no research published in recognized journals that found life-threatening consequences from the m-RNA vaccines for Covid. Perhaps studies will someday demonstrate problems. If so, I will be quite ready to modify my beliefs.

          • STF – Google “Coffee and Covid” blog and subscribe and start reading. This guy is an independent thinker and a lawyer, and has published interesting findings and data that he’s found from around the world. Also – don’t you find it just a tad interesting how hard the left and Fauci’s goons came down on Ivermectin, Zinc, and Vitamin C? There’s so many cases of that combo working well, yet the “experts” wanted you to trust them and not the evidence that was out there for all of us to see.

          • What is the scientist’s name? I will determine if he has published in the peer reviewed journals.


      • I am in total agreement about the vax. We DON’T know its true effects on the population. Has nothing to do with watching FOX News, tho I expect you don’t, but should. You would then not be drinking the LibTard juice of lies that the left has conveyed onto those who are not self-thinkers.
        It is indeed surprising the sudden deaths of people, or near deaths. From school age kids to pro football players, people are suddenly collapsing and the one denominator is, they were all vaxed.

      • If you did much research, you would know that FOX News, while certainly leans Right, does tend to be more correct in their reporting than the MSM. Where do you get YOUR news. We all use “many sources”, so let’s not play THAT game. Which source(out of your many) have YOU found to be most reliable?