Rising Starr goes big to teach keyboard skills


When adaptive curriculum students needed help learning keyboard skills, the community at Rising Starr Middle teamed up to build them the tools to succeed. With an oversized keypad, the young Panthers are catching on quick.

The project was the idea of ACCESS program teacher Camille Jammes and Occupational Therapist Erin Fish.

“We had tried everything we could think of, but nothing had much impact. We found a Chromebook color-coded keypad and we just went from there!” said Jammes. “With the help of Christopher Harper and Heather Combs, our awesome media center gurus, we were able to have two (oversized keypads) made.”

On one wall, students take letters in hand and match them up to the corresponding letter or symbol. On the floor, students can physically step on the letter/symbol they are looking for.

“All of the students in my class have participated, and this will be an on-going skill builder, not just a one-time activity,” said Jammes. “We hope this will continue to support a multi-model approach to further their keyboarding skills.”