Board game lesson far from boring


Learning isn’t boring at Flat Rock Middle, especially when you’re making your own board games. As part of their studies of cultural characteristics in Europe, students designed their own games to make teaching language and religion fun.

All students from Flat Rock Middle School’s 6th grade STEAM team participated in a game creation activity where they took cultural characteristics from Europe’s language and religion standards and turned them into a functioning game, whether it was a board game, digital, cards, role-playing, or some other creative idea.

Students previewed current game designs to determine what type of game they wanted to create and went through the design thinking process to create a new game experience.

“The hope of this activity was that students would be able to blend their knowledge of Europe’s major language and religions, and use current technology, artistic design, collaborative teamwork, and design thinking practices to create something new, educational, and entertaining to play with their peers,” said teacher Austin Saxon.