Revealed: Mayoral candidate Ferrante supported by leftist progressive group


I am a 22-year resident of Peachtree City and I am very concerned about one of the candidates running for mayor, Nick Ferrante.

He applied to and is being endorsed by a leftist Progressive Political Action Committee named

Their stated goal (listed in their mission statement) is to support politically Progressive Democrat millennials in down ballot races in red (Republican or Conservative) areas, especially non partisan races like ours, for Mayor, in order to enact Progressive policies and gain power.

I am offended as a Peachtree City taxpaying citizen that a political action committee, outside of our community, and even outside of Georgia is using our city as a pawn in their chess game of turning Georgia into a blue, Progressive state.

Our city is OUR city. It doesn’t belong to a political action committee outside of Georgia!

Robyn Cobb

Peachtree City, Ga.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We verified on the website that Ferrante applied for their support in March 2021. The site says its business is “recruiting and supporting young progressives.” The site says, “We connect partner organizations with candidates who need their help, leveraging our national scale for local races.”

What kind of candidates does the organization help? “Run for Something works exclusively with progressive Millennials and Gen-Zers running for local office for the first or second time. Progressive — We help people who are pro-choice, pro-universal health care, pro-LGBTQ equality, pro-criminal justice reform; pro-working families and organized labor, pro-voting rights, pro-campaign finance reform, who focus on inequality, fair wages, and job creation; who acknowledge that climate change is real, man-made, and our responsibility to fight; and who will fight to reduce gun violence in their community.”

Ferrante’s “Magic Bubble” campaign materials don’t disclose this close political and financial affiliation. Below is a screen shot of Run For Something candidates. Ferrante is at right.



  1. Nick Ferrante YOU WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE for ANYTHING in this town, up to and including APPRENTICE PANTY WASHER at the local assisted living facility! YOU are NOT WORTHY of holding any office in Peachtree City you UNREPENTANT, PHONY and FRAUDULENT THREE DOLLAR BILL!

  2. Concerning the election, a simple question. Do you want to continue the last eight years? If you do, for mayor, that would be Ernst, Learnard or Imker. Nick is an exit left candidate. I oppose the last eight years. For councilmember, that is Madden, a Democrat Biden supporter.

  3. Thanks Cal for doing the research and educating us on exactly what the intention of this organization is. The fact that Nick “applied for their support” rather than the other way around is telling.


  4. A few years ago I met Nick for lunch as he wanted to run for city council. At that time he stated he was a staunch republican. I found him to be smart, polite and eager to learn. I suggested he volunteer for a committee or two, set up meetings with various leaders in the community and continue to learn while he waited for the right opportunity to throw his hat in the ring. It seems Nick ignored most of that advice up to tossing his hat.
    The next time I heard Nick’s name was early this past November. I was on the local social media pages perusing reaction to the presidential election when I saw Nick as giddy as a school girl posting Biden victory pictures and stating how Republicans should walk away from the party and join what he termed the “heart of the nation.” He stated he had been a life-long Republican and had never voted Democrat but now he was fine being referred to as a “leftist” and a “socialist.” At the same time he was doing everything possible to insult those that voted Republican in the election, he was also announcing his run for Mayor of Peachtree City.
    Time Out. I understand if Nick suddenly found “truth” in the twinkle in Biden’s eyes or somehow discovered brilliance in AOC’s Green New Deal (costs are estimated at $600K per household) but antagonizing and mocking over 50% of the population and in the same breath asking for their vote so he can be Mayor… something is very amiss there. Even if the parties were reversed, and Nick was a lifelong Democrat but had suddenly found Trump to be the savior of the free world – not much would change in my concern. While his newfound love affair with the progressive movement and the likes of AOC disturbs me, I am more concerned about how quick Nick changes his mind and his apparent lack of understanding that running for office usually doesn’t go well when you intentionally challenge the integrity and intelligence of a majority of the voters.
    Some other things I noticed early on in his campaign was his quickness to anger and insult those that disagreed with him. That’s par for the course on social media but in displaying qualities for mayor, where relationships with local and statewide officials is vital, it doesn’t seem like Nick plays well with others.
    Nick posted a “You have questions, I’ve got answers!” post where he welcomed any questions about anything. The first question was “When you harass other posters for supporting a particular candidate – and demand that they renounce their views and their support for that candidate, is that really the kind of person we want in the mayor’s seat in Peachtree City?”

  5. Mayoral candidate NICK FERRANTE admits to supporting BLM and has stated that he will keep his political loyalty “quiet to start.” I expect he intends to dramatically liberalize PTC when he is able.

    He is banking on a divided Republican ticket and the allegiance of Dem voters to their party. I’m afraid that with clever marketing he may succeed. Be warned..Nick Ferrante is the JOE BIDEN of PTC.

    • He’s not getting my vote. Not because he is seemingly progressive, though that’s enough of a reason not to vote for him, but his initial response about the letter demonstrated that he is easily offended by what should have been easily defended if untrue. His response also evolved into an attack on the editor’s integrity. Just those two elements, first hurt – then attack, is indicative and atypical of personal and cultural immaturity. The behavior is also consistent with our former and unelectable mayor.

  6. I will NEVER WASTE MY VOTE on a PRO-ABORTION, LGBTQ supporting, so called ‘PROGRESSIVE’ – read LIBERAL – candidate for ANY OFFICE! You will NOT be getting my vote in this next election for PTC MAYOR Nick Ferrante! You sound like a FIRST CLASS LOSER!

    • Mr. Haddix–
      Or people welcome diverse people and opinions without resorting to a heavy-handed “crop dusting” of whatever they deem a weed.

      If our beloved Peachtree City is large enough to sustain views such as your own (and yes, Crashing Boulder) you can surely grow along-side progressives such as myself.

  7. What a dirty word “progressive” is. Most people evolve over time for the better. You don’t still support slavery do you (maybe you do). Equality, fair wages, efforts to improve the environment …. are these awful things?
    And I will never understand the despicable hypocrisy of not taking the Covid vaccine because you have to protect “your personal rights for your own body” but tell people what to do with their bodies on abortion. What a phony. As for me, I’ll vote for Nick. I like progressive rather than living in the past.

    • Let me help you with what should be a simple concept: The baby’s body is not the mothers body. So “my body my choice” applies to the child as well. To my knowledge, nobody has ever received consent from an unborn child before murdering them.

      Abortion is not progressive. It’s a barbaric practice that has no place in a just society.

      • I see St. Fiction brings in the father on a discussion of abortion responsibility. Guess the father is to have some say on killing his child? Maybe open up a wrongful death lawsuit if he does not approve of the killing? Guess you can make this stuff up.

    • Hey Rebuttle5, it is MY BODY MY CHOICE so the vaccine is up to me because as you progressives say IT IS MY BODY AND MY CHOICE and no one should tell me what to do with MY BODY. It sucks when progressive words get tossed back in progressive faces.

        • No it doesn’t. The only people who face consequences for not getting vaccinated are the unvaccinated.

          Your absolute ignorance of how vaccines work is pretty demonstrative of the scientific illiteracy of the average leftist.

          • You just contradicted yourself, PTCitizen. Are you implying that the unvaccinated are lives that do not matter? Further, I’m rather surprised at your short-sighted views. Those that are eligible to receive the vaccine (but refuse) put other’s lives at risk – period. It’s not just the unvaccinated – it’s the vaccinated that have had to alter their medical plans and needs because of those unvaccinated COVID patients that have swamped our hospitals. I work in an ED and I am in contact with hundreds of others that work bedside across the country. While Georgia hospitals are looking better with every passing day – it’s not the case in different locales across the nation. Those refusing the vaccine are complaining the loudest and yes, that group is one of the reasons why we’re still dealing with it all on this level. I don’t have a problem with understanding how vaccines work. Never have. I think the question you need to ask yourself is “How can I look beyond the end of my nose.” When are you and your fellow clan going to realize that this society isn’t just about you?

          • Ms. Haddocks – Welcome to Fox World where science and facts are extraneous to right wing ideology. Rod Serling would be impressed with this twisted reality. Besides, what could an Emergency Department provider know that would trump Tucker Carlson’s imagination?

            Truth is stranger than fiction.

          • I didn’t imply. I stated very clearly. Clarity is something you seem to struggle with. There is no contradiction. There is only your refusal to accept that other people have rights and are allowed to make decisions beyond your control and without your approval.

          • Actually, you did contradict yourself. I stated that those that refuse to receive the vaccine are having direct consequences on others. You stated “No it doesn’t. The only people who face consequences for not getting vaccinated are the unvaccinated.” And there in lies your contradiction. The unvaccinated are “others” – they are an example of other lives that are affected. There are other lives that are also affected, as well, and I gave you an example of such. Don’t be coy and don’t be dumb. No need to double down with your mistake – just realize it and move on. Of course, no re-thinking on your part in your reply.

            Those that refuse to get the vaccine have a direct effect on the lives of others.

          • “The only people who face consequences for not getting vaccinated are the unvaccinated,” says PTCit; s/he has no logical answer for the evidence DAwn lays out to the contrary — prolonging the pandemic impacts us all in myriad ways.

            And PTCit’s brand of illogic further wants us to believe that forcing women to go full-term with unplanned or dangerous pregnancies causes consequences only for womb-slave mom and baby, I guess? This is just as absurd as his/her vaccination rhetoric. Creating a society where women are enslaved impacts more than just women.

            S/he says we have a problem with clarity; I would say s/he has a problem with logic,

          • Logic doesn’t appear to be a strong suit with either of you. I don’t even need to respond to Dawn’s transparent and infantile attempts at gaslighting and circular argument. She should focus more on the incompetence at her place of work.

            As to your absurd Handmaid’s Tale fantasy, less than 1% of abortions are done because of rape, incest, or the life of the mother. Your euphemism of an “unplanned” pregnancy is really a tacit acknowledgment that the mother acted irresponsibly without care for the consequences of her actions. To propose that it is acceptable to kill another human being so as to avoid taking responsibility is nothing less than a grotesque inhumanity.

          • PTCitizen, if you had an adequate response to give me – you would. Fact is, you don’t. You can use your put-downs all you want – you’re just another keyboard warrior full of bluff and bluster. I’m not buying it.

          • PTC Andy – Your post reveals your true opposition to abortion. It is the pregnant mother who “acted irresponsibly” with no mention of the father.

            Why not just be honest and state plainly that the conservative opposition to abortion is about controlling every aspect of a woman, especially her sexuality? Confession is good for the soul!

          • No point in arguing with people who ignore facts for their own agenda. For the left this is simply about control, period end of story. The agenda shows through with their lack of facts or logical. The numbers don’t lie the politicians and media do. When the death rate is well below 1% none of the mandates or ringing of hands make any sense. Do yourself a favor and stop arguing with fools.

        • Wow. People. Reality check. When vaccines *prevent* infection, unvaccinated people are a risk to other unvaccinated people. In this case the COVID vaccine does NOT prevent infection. In fact, I look forward to updated data because studies have claimed the breakthrough infection rate is 1 in 4,000. If this were true, I would be happy to declare victory for those vaccinated. However, I know several house holds where more than 1 person became infected after vaccination. I think its more like 1 in 10. In this case, the vaccinated are ALSO a risk to others.

          That said, the ‘vaccine’ that we do have DOES train the immune system to attack COVID (original and delta variant). So, hospitalizations are certainly reduced. People should want to take the vaccine on their own accord.

          I dont think we should jab ourselves 3x or more times yearly. We need a better vaccine. The current one, if we all take it is a great temporary stop gap measure.

          Telling someone they must do something… Many of us know how that goes. You cant force anyone to do anything they dont want to. Each of us needs buy-in if you expect an action. It’s the message that needs help and the delivery methods.

          • The greater percentage of those that do not get vaccinated also do not take any precautions. It goes hand in hand. I agree with you and would like to add that the higher rate of vaccination, reduces the overall effect of the virus. Reducing the effect of the virus in turn reduces hospital visits/prolonged stays, healthcare personnel fatigue, healthcare expenses and long term effects from the treatments of having the virus in full-blown mode. Those prolonged hospital stays is the kicker here. The unvaccinated are overwhelmingly bogging down the hospital system and in turn, reducing the availability of treatment for others. It’s rather interesting that people are begging to be given all kinds of treatments that weren’t designed for the virus, when they are about to die and yet, they have such a problem with the vaccine. As well, I agree that our government forcing people to get the vaccine is not the right route, but to sit idly by and say nothing is not an option either. Those that are recommended to take the vaccine and refuse to do so have an effect on other’s lives.

          • I don’t think we had any options back in the day. We all were vaccinated because we were told to. We may have been forced, but we were wise enough to understand why. And it was the only solution to some horrible diseases.

  8. I am happy for your campaign finance debate to rage in the comments, but the intent of this article very much seemed to simply say, “Hey look, a liberal in PTC!”. While I am not shocked that this paper has a political bent, it FEELS as if you are making no attempt to “keep the quiet part quiet”. This article is your largest and top headline on the website. It was a letter to the editor.

    • This paper has mostly represented the views of the a very conservative county so I would expect it to be conservative as well. Nothing wrong with that, the AJC represents ATL views fairly good and you won’t find an ounce of conservatism in that paper.

  9. This is getting juicy. Where’s the popcorn 🙂

    In all seriousness, the selection of Mayor is an important decision. Flashy signs and promises are not enough. Each candidate has a vision, which is a great start. However, you don’t go from an entry level role to CEO overnight. Experience shapes the way one makes decisions and I am not certain all candidates, despite having a their ideas in place, have the right experience to be an effective leader.

    If the city council doesn’t align with your ideas, your single vote will be overruled by the majority on the council. Consider whether each candidate has sufficient current and future council support. If not, you will have a lame duck Mayor on day one and I don’t see how that would be good for the city.

  10. If you go to his Youtube video (Nick FerranteFor Mayor of Peachtree City), you will hear all his liberal talking points. He says his background is some Political degree, and then dabled in the ministry and commercial sales. Not sure what that means (Real Estate license?) or what his actual job is now. Liberals have no real world experience or know nothing about how free enterprise works. They want to tell you how to tax and run your business….without knowing a thing about business. I could be wrong here….but can find nothing in his background to indicate otherwise.

    His talking point are, not equality, but equity (Equity is the opposite of equality. Identity, race, background, and behavior are taken into account so everyone is treated differently. There is manufactured discrimination in equity). He talks about his support for BLM, and how he sees Peachtree City being, to sum it up, my words, racist.

    These liberal politicians for office love to run around accusing everyone in a community of being backward for not believing in the Progrssive agenda of abortion, big taxes, big government, one size fits all….and their talking points come directly from the top Democratic machine that currently runs disastrously all three braches of our Federal government (hows that going?).

    We have seen how other surrounding counties have slowly become liberal trash holes. Lets not let that happen here. What gets me….liberals complain about where they come from, leave it behind because of high taxes and crime and big government….but yet vote for those same policies wherever they go. Well, he is pushing these same policies……dont be fooled.

    PS……His yard was full of Biden, Ossoff, and Warnock signs. So if he’s a life long republican I would say something changed.

  11. I just looked on

    Georgia Campaign Finance system…no records

    Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commisssion…no records

    No records on your website, Nick

    I don’t care which party you run for…be transparent. Or am I missing something?

  12. Hello Again Cal!

    A couple of things; first to Robyn.

    “I am offended as a Peachtree City taxpaying citizen that a political action committee, outside of our community, and even outside of Georgia is using our city as a pawn in their chess game of turning Georgia into a blue, Progressive state.”

    A.) In what way is Run For Something using Peachtree City has a pawn?
    B.) In what way am I being led?
    C.) Do you know when my last contact with Run For Something was?
    D.) What is it about treating your neighbors who live differently from you that bothers you so much?

    Secondly, to Cal.

    It appears you failed to do your due diligence once again before attempting to sully my name.

    A journalist and editor with integrity would know how to request my publicly available CCDR Forms (Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report) and do so.

    Maybe you did perform your due diligence and ignored the substantive findings within, that would be even worse.

    According to those legal documents;
    A.) When have I received ANY financial support from Run For Something?
    B.) What percentage of my donors are from Fayette County and Georgia?
    C.) What evidence do you have that I’ve been supported by “outside influences”?*

    * The only contribution that could even potentially fall into this is from a personal friend who also has a very small, brand new PAC, and yes, they support candidates that believe in a more inclusive future for all of our citizens. I won’t apologize for sharing and professing that value.

    • CCDR– Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report

      Affidavit of $2,500 or less in total contributions eliminates filing requirement
      If contributions/expenditures exceed $2,500 but are less than $5,000, Candidate shall be required to file the 06/30 and 12/31 reports
      If no affidavit has been filed, the Candidate shall file per the following schedule: 01/31, 04/30, 06/30, 09/30, 10/25 and 12/3

      • For additional clarity, is not just contributions received. It is contributions plus spending. He has spent money on yard signs (Not cheap),T-shirts, a float, outdoor events and more. Spending your own money counts as a contribution. The filing fee does not count. You are not going to be finding numbers on file until after the election.

        The only thing I have spent money on are a few yard signs and the filing fee. So I filed the affidavit.

        • I searched the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission website under the Personal Financial Disclosure Reports and saw NO RESULTS for last name “Ferrante” and a first name that contains “N”. Perhaps the filing was made under a fictional pseudonym or did you not actually file ?

          • If you search for just “Ferrante” it comes right up. Here’s a direct link: bit[dot]ly/3l9wOrg. (Replace the [dot] with an actual dot.)

            On that note… the only other candidate who appears to have filed in this race is Learnard. Ernst, Imker, and Haddix appear to have no record on file.

          • I just looked up the link from Ptcitizen and it says there hasn’t been a financial disclosure filed, no financial contributions disclosed, no financial information reported at all. So, I don’t know why Ptcitizen wanted that highlighted. He has only filed his campaign registration. Why hasn’t he filed his financials? HMMMM

          • The link by PTCitizen has nothing to do with state filings. And I already said I filed the affidavit for under $2500, which Nick most assuredly has exceeded. Phil Sukalewski is correct. He has not filed with the state. The simple fact is unless you spend a wad of personal money or have special-interest backers, you’re going to go nowhere near $2500.
            Is don’t let it run down my head

          • Donny actually stated that the Georgia Campaign Finance System has nothing to do with State filings when it’s literally the efile website for the State Ethics commission. (You can tell by reading the address.)

            Meanwhile, Phil Crane posted a link which shows all candidates and filings present and past, and it surely includes Nick Ferrante. Which proves despite Donny’s attempts at driving Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, the Ferrante did indeed file the forms as he said he did.

    • Nick, you assume you are the smartest guy in the room and we must be idiots. PACs exist without co ordination between the PAC and the campaign. At least on paper. So you would not report this as a contribution. The PAC does its own spending in favor of you. You have according to the PACs been supported by at least 3 PACs that have poured national money into our little city and your race and agreed to their agenda. High density, low cost housing being one item that differed from what you say publicly. Just like you solved the fairy gardens… I call BS.

      I love your creative side, I think you are an Excellent speaker, I think you are vibrant and charismatic, handsome and colorful. That being said, I think you are loose with the truth just like your post above regarding the PAC money.

      You have brought more attention to this race and frankly lured the following of many of the gullible who believe what you say and not your signed commitments to the PACs.

      I truly want to believe what you say. You have a Jack Kennedy like personna. (I liked Kennedy).. but, the PAC commitments make it impossible. I don’t want development, more apartments, I want conservative apptoach to the budget. I support law enforcement, I cannot agree with the values you signed up for, despite what you say you signed agreements and took the PAC support even if it isn’t direct cash into your campaign it is cash into your campaign, it’s a nuence but real. I am a patriot, capitalist and believe in law and order. That does differ from defund the police, high density low cost housing, tax and spend, and socialism. (By the way Venezula, Cuba and North Korea are shining examples of the socialist success story.)

  13. It’s extremely unusual for an Editor to insert any kind of commentary into a Letter to the Editor. The entire point of such a column is to allow newspapers to be a platform for members of the community to express their opinion. The fact that the Editorial comment was 10 words longer than the original letter is as unusual as to warrant suspicion.

    I encourage people to visit nick4mayor2021[dot].com and learn more about the candidate, follow his campaign on Facebook, and attend one of the neighbor-hosted events by his supporters. If he has haters like this, he must be doing something right.

  14. Contrary to the statement by Mr. Haddix–
    “He (Nick Ferrante) represents one segment of our citizens, a minority, millennials and younger.”–my husband and I are over 65, residents of PTC since 1997. And we both will be voting for Mr. Ferrante.

    Far from being alarming, we found the goals of RunForSomething (as printed in the Editor’s Note) in keeping with our morals and political beliefs–“…pro-choice, pro-universal health care, pro-LGBTQ equality, pro-criminal justice reform…”

    So please give us retirees a little credit!
    We’re still working and voting and hoping for change.

    And we’re still singing Bob Dylan–
    “Your road is rapidly aging,
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend a hand
    For the times they are a-changing”!

  15. As a 34 your resident, former Councilman and mayor I have knowledge and experience. I am not a Republican or Democrat, I am a conservative independent.

    I do not dislike Nick and have had many conversations with him, some heated, so my comments are based on fact, not supposition. The simple reality is Nick does not even know what the mayor does. He does not understand the city charter or ordinances. I do.

    He represents one segment of our citizens, a minority, millennial’s and younger. Just as Kim Learnard a another small segment of the city, those into recreation and nightlife.

    The majority of Peachtree City are not involved with either. They have families to raise, jobs to work at and homes to care for. Many are retired. Many cannot take part in what either of these two stress for the city. So while millennial’s and those into recreation deserve mayor and council looking out for their well-being, they do not deserve to dominate government.

    Our problems with traffic, taxes, spending, economic development and infrastructure maintenance and safety cross all age groups and politics. But the platforms of these two are based on tax-and-spend, more of the same.

    Find out more about your candidates. Compare what the Democrat candidates, Nick, Kim and Madden offer compared to Republican and Independent candidates. Kim and Ernst are more the same, and Imker talks big but presents nothing but he will be in charge.

    • “But the platforms of these two are based on tax-and-spend, more of the same.”

      Just one question former Councilman and Mayor, when you say “more of the same,” who is the “same” you’re referring to?

      • Nick, because of all the efforts to change Fayette County, especially our fair city. As back when I was raised on the farm, you stop the problems at the root. You do not let weeds grow. We see what Fayetteville is doing to itself and you and others want to bring that here. Even your campaign manager is from Fayetteville.

        You asked and I answered. It is what you represent, a threat to the future. You are going to place fourth or fifth.

        • It’s too bad you didn’t bring that mentality a few decades ago when politicians like you were rubberstamping rampant development and allowing big box stores to come in and overtake the community, driving out mom and pop retail and dining establishments.

          Nick may be off to the left side of center personally, but his vision for Peachtree City is decidedly conservative, pro-family, and pro-community. That is why people support him from across the ideological security fences people like you keep erecting.

        • Mr. Haddix–
          “As back when I was raised on the farm, you stop the problems at the root. You do not let weeds grow.”

          Surely you are familiar with the parable wherein Jesus warns His followers NOT to take it upon themselves and began pulling up weeds sprouting in a wheat field. Rather to allow them to grow with the wheat lest the entire crop is damaged.

          Your enthusiastic “weeding” of undesirable, diverse opinions and
          beliefs is misguided. We don’t have to agree completely to live together

          Who knows–you might love “a weed”. Let them grow next to you.
          It’s a large enough field.

          • That is from Revelation for the tribulation and the weeds are those who persecute saints and fight against God. Not today. Farmers spray their fields to kill weeds and leave the crop in place. I will add the parable of seed planted in rocky soil, it will sprout but then die. And the farmer who tills the soil helping it to healthy growth with water. So be careful trying to use the Bible unless you know what it is talking about.

          • The point of the Parable of the Weeds is that you cannot separate the wicked from the righteous early in the season, but must wait until the end of the season for the difference to manifest before you can know. It’s a warning to those who think they can tell the difference between the wicked and the righteous. Suz is (chest pains, panting, deep breaths)… CORRECT in her interpretation and application.

          • Mr Haddix–
            No. My Biblical reference was not from The Revelation to St. John; it is from Matthew 13.

            Thank you, PTCitizen for your support. I appreciate your conclusion–“It’s a warning to those who think they can tell the difference between the wicked and the righteous.”

            I would add that it is an appeal for forbearance and tolerance; and an urge for simple care.

            Even in politics.

          • suz,

            Matthew 13 does not say that at all it says:

            The Parable of the Weeds

            24 Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 26 When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared.

            27 “The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’

            28 “‘An enemy did this,’ he replied.

            “The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’

            29 “‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’”

          • Mr Haddix–
            I stand by my reading of the parable; and I refuse to weaponize this obvious appeal for acceptance.

            Thankfully I trust that the Owner of every field is far more tolerant than some of His workers, determined to keep things pristine.

            (Yes; even at “harvest time”. He’s that good!).

      • Honestly? Don has nothing other than attacks. Why? Because no one is taking him serious – for obvious reasons. He doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell in garnering more than a few percentage points.

  16. Oh dear, Oh dear! We might just get some new ideas infused into our city. How scary is that! As a 37 year resident of Peachtree City, I was disappointed (not offended) when the Tea Party movement took over our local elected offices years ago. Our city changed. Infrastructure suffered and civil discourse among elected officials took a holiday. I for one am excited that a young, Peachtree City native son has decided to step up to the plate and run for office. I intend to support this young man and urge others to do the same.

  17. Let it be known that anyone who isn’t a die-hard, all or nothing Trump supporter is portrayed as an enemy Robyn’s eyes – she spent the week prior to writing this letter openly villainizing her neighbors in the community if that had different opinions. The obsession is out there for folks to see in public.

    Run for Something exists to engage citizens to get involved in local politics (which is certainly something we need more of as we mostly just recycle the same elected officials and their associated power fiefdoms). It’s a sincere disappointment that a long-term resident of this town would treat neighbors this way – but it’s not surprising as we’ve watched some folks slide into political extremism. We all deserve better than this.

    I implore those reading this to take the time to thoroughly research the candidates platforms. The candidates running have spent 28 years in power in Peachtree City – the decision for you is if 32 years will finish the job. You know the old saying… if at first you don’t succeed, maybe you can after 3 decades.