Police tase FCHS student after he battered teacher, threatened principals, fought officer


A Fayette County High School student was charged with battery on a school teacher or other school personnel in a Sept. 9 incident that began in the school’s gym and ended in a hallway, with the student using profanity and hitting staff, and subsequently being tased.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said a Fayetteville Police School Resource Officer (SRO) for Fayette County High School at noon on Sept. 8 was contacted via radio by the assistant principal to report to the school gym area.

The SRO arrived at the gym area and observed a juvenile male student walking around in circles and using profane language toward the assistant principal.

“The SRO explained to the student they were there to talk to them and help them. The SRO asked the student if they would walk with them to the front office,” Burdett said. “The student refused and began walking up and down the hallways for approximately 30 minutes. The SRO reported during this time, the SRO, assistant principal and other school staff followed the student to ensure he was safe and did not harm himself or anyone else.”

The student continued to use profanity toward the SRO and school staff and told them to “Leave him alone,” Burdett added

Burdett said the principal arrived on the scene, and the student became more upset. The student made derogatory remarks toward the principal while advancing toward her as if he were going to harm her.

“The SRO positioned themself between the student and the principal, and the SRO gave the student several verbal commands to stop advancing toward the principal. The student refused to comply with the officer’s commands,” said Burdett. “The officer and the student became entangled in a physical confrontation, and the officer’s Taser was deployed to gain the student’s compliance. Other officers arrived, and the student was placed in handcuffs.”

Medics arrived, and the student was evaluated and treated for the Taser deployment.

Burdett said the officer and a female teacher who was present at the scene were treated for minor injuries. The student hit the staff member in the mouth during the confrontation, which caused a cut and swelling to the bottom middle part of her lip.

The student was transported to a Regional Youth Detention Center.


  1. I wonder why the parent wasn’t called. Perhaps some clarity could have been gained. I feel bad for the kids that witnessed it. They were probably scared. If one is not familiar with mental illness it can be scary to witness. (It can sometimes look a bit like demonic possession that is seen in horror movies.)

    • C’mon Vics, this is a clear example of a student that is either off his meds, should be evaluated and placed on meds, or is high from self-medicating, since he was walking in circles and not fearing a Taser. “Thug / Gangsta?” Watching too much F&F in the mornings I see.

      • If you read his later post, vics1966 might very well be off his meds. ‘waiting on liberals to break down his door’? The soy latte crowd can’t even break down gluten.

        But yea, the scenario as described definitely matches the behavior of a child with an emotional disturbance. I hate that he had to get tasered, as it only adds trauma on top of other problems he might be experiencing. But regardless of what anyone is going through… you don’t hit. Sometimes it take getting hit back for people to understand that. Hopefully he can access a mental health resource and get his issues worked out before he falls into that school to prison pipeline trap.

        • If the student had mental issues the school should have already known about them and it would have handled it differently. Parents need to make sure they let the school know about all medical issues so the kids can be dealt with accordingly and not hurt others or themselves. He or she probably got mad and acted out their usual way. No respect for anyone or anything. Look like there were plenty of chances to do the right thing and not make it worse on themselves.