Frank Destadio — the right man for Peachtree City Council


The Italian Heritage Festival came to Peachtree City’s Drake Field on Sept. 12 for the first time — a big hit. And, speaking of fellow Italian Americans …

I fully support Frank Destadio for Peachtree City Council. If you love living here, you will as well.

I first met Frank when I was appointed to the Planning Commission in 2015. He was chairman.

I had been a county commission chair in another county, so I was familiar with local politics, including wheeling and dealing. And I was pleasantly surprised by Frank, a truly honest, humble, smart, and good man. What you see is what you get.

Every decision that Frank made was based on the quality of life for PTC residents. That’s not something that I can say about all local officials.

As chairman, he was respectful of everyone, even when there were zoning disagreements. But he was not going to let greedy developers (and many of them clearly are) run over the Planning Commission. And some tried. He stood firm for the citizens of PTC, fighting to preserve our beautiful city, even when the politics were tough.

We must have commercial/industrial development for our tax base. But out of control residential development, apartment buildings, and more traffic are not wanted or needed. Frank will make sure development is logical and a net plus for us.

The village concept and spirit of Peachtree City must be preserved. It’s unique among all Georgia cities and must stay that way. I’m confident that Frank is the right one to be on the City Council to lead us into that bright future.

Jack Bernard

Peachtree City, Ga.


    • Mr. Haddix,

      Hi! It is not a contradiction at all- I want the best people for the job. Mr. Destadio is a degreed civil engineer and served 10 years on the Planning Commission. These two facts alone put him so far ahead of the others in the race. Even you endorsed him (“Known Frank for years. Good guy”).

      Paul Schultz

  1. Mr. Bernard, thanks for the letter. You writing it meant I didn’t have to. I’d like to add I’m campaigning for Mr. Destadio in my neighborhood. Peachtree City government handles two basic tasks: managing police, fire, public works, and other city personnel and managing public works projects like building construction and repair and repaving roads and cart paths. Mr. Destadio is a degreed civil engineer and had many years of practical experience in the Air Force. This expertise helped when he was part of planning commission and will help when he’s elected to council. Mr. Destadio is also very approachable, which is a must for a political figure.

    Paul Schultz