More than half of Fayette residents have gotten Covid shots


54% have received at least one shot; fully vaccinated residents at 47% rate, DPH says — 

Fayette County’s Covid vaccination numbers jumped today to over half with at least one shot.

It wasn’t because of sudden rush to get one of the three available vaccines. Rather, the state administratively matched shot-takers with driver’s license information, delivering a bump to the totals, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

DPH says at least 60,110 Fayette residents have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, bringing that rate to 54% for the first time.

Significantly, as of June 15, at least 47% of the county’s residents — 53,200 individuals — are considered fully vaccinated, having taken all the shots needed for immunity. The Johnson and Johnson variety is a one-shot-and-done vaccine, while the Pfizer and Moderna versions require an initial shot and a booster a month later. Currently, only the 2-shot Pfizer vaccine is approved for use for children ages 12 through 17.

That compares to statewide numbers of 42% with at least one shot and 36% fully vaccinated, DPH says.

Meanwhile, Covid numbers are well below the pandemic level in Fayette, with 3 or fewer new cases each day since June 6.

The June 15 report shows the 2-week rate of positive test reports is well under 1% — in fact, it’s at the 0.2% level for the past 6 days.

Only 3 Fayette residents have been hospitalized for Covid treatments since June 1, DPH records show. Two persons have died of Covid causes in the past 2 weeks, according to the DPH report.

The pandemic totals for Fayette are as follows: 6,807 total cases; 160 fatalities since March 2020 due to Covid; 275 residents have received hospital treatment during the pandemic.

State totals are likewise far below their peaks. So far, the state has recorded 899,784 Covid cases; 18,307 fatalities; 64,431 hospitalizations; and 10,825 ICU admissions.

Covid testing haas likewise slowed because of lack of demand — under 8,000 the past 2 days.

Today’s Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) Covid-19 Vaccine Dashboard will reflect updated county and census tract information for more than 784,000 administered vaccines.

These updated data are the result of matching known vaccine recipient residency information with existing Georgia Department of Driver Services records.

This more granular data provides additional transparency and accuracy in our county-level reporting and will help guide vaccination efforts in local communities.

As of yesterday (June 14), there were 1,248,063 records with missing county information. Through this partnership, that number has been reduced to 463,330, a reduction of 784,733 doses administered but lacking information about county of residence.

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