Peeples Airlines takes flight


Imaginative learning takes flight with Peeples Airlines, an innovation of the 5th-grade teachers at Peeples Elementary designed to get students excited about preparing for Milestones testing.

Teachers dressed as Peeples Airlines flight attendants to celebrate kickoff of the project.

To kick off the program, the teachers dressed as flight attendants, and students were each given a passport. Leading up to the tests, students earn stamps in their passports by completing challenges to demonstrate academic mastery.

“They are jazzed up about their passports. They are taking such ownership of it,” said 5th grade teacher Dr. Melissa Smith. “They truly have been so engaged and excited. It’s refreshing because sometimes they do get bogged down, especially at the end of the year, and this has really reenergized their interest to do their best.”

For teacher Gina Perrotta, it is a way for students to show how well they have mastered subjects.

“It’s something just to get them motivated and get them to own their own mastery of the standards,” said Perrotta.

Students are so excited about the project, they couldn’t even put it down over their spring break. They emailed their teachers so many updates, they needed to slow down.

“We had to tell them it’s your break, and we want you to enjoy it so when you come back you’re well-rested,” said Perrotta.

Perrotta said they are already working on ideas for next year.

“The only thing we regret is not having started it sooner!”

Peeples Elementary 5th grade students show off the passports they are using to show their mastery of subjects on Milestones testing.