Former mayor accuses city of improperly changing rezoning process


Dear Mayor and Council, Planning Commission Members, Planning Director Robin Cailloux:

Please use this correspondence as my official notice of legal jeopardy concerning the citizens of the City of Peachtree City and the preservation of Constitutional rights of same citizens regarding the February 22, 2021 Peachtree City Planning Commission meeting.

I am both shocked and dismayed that the controversial rezoning and development request (Widget Drive) has been proposed under an entirely different format and procedure not officially recognized through state law nor local city ordinance; thus, creating legal jeopardy and significant harm to the taxpayers of the City of Peachtree City.

Acting in a manner inconsistent with the normal, standard, legal process involving rezoning requests, public hearings, official notifications and due process creates a negative impact and places surrounding citizens and property owners in jeopardy.

I ask that you please cease and desist, have a legal evaluation of these haphazard actions as described in the minutes of the February 8, 2021 Planning Commission meeting and the proposed acts in violation as set for this evenings Planning Commission meeting.

I also cite a significant change in official notification, in this case posted signage, as attached to this correspondence.

Steve Brown

Peachtree City, Ga.

[Brown is a former mayor of Peachtree City and former member of the Fayette County Commission.]


    • Are you by any chance the Mike King who along with the rest of the City Council and the City Attorney thought it would be absolutely kosher to pass an ordinance allowing taxpayer funds to be used to sue ordinary citizens who criticized the government, and only after getting epicly reamed by an overflow mob consisting of a unified front of Right Wing Trumpsters and Left Wing Card Carrying ACLU Liberals did you… I’m paraphrasing from memory here… ‘learn that that was a bad idea?’

      Because that would be hilariously ironical that you might criticize Steve Brown for deigning to know something about lawful rule-based governance. If you were that Mike King, I mean.

    • Mike King is part of the Council that claims merely making an the errof on the zoning map constitutes legal rezoning. Since when?

      Where was the zoning hearing for the billboard? Where was the zoning vote?

      They did attempt to suppress First Amendment rights. They also tried to urbanize Aberdeen. And they have rezoned industrial to residential and commercial.

      And don’t forget Great Wolf.

      • I still don’t agree with you Mr. Haddix. I may be incorrect in my assessment, but I think I got the general gist correctly. First, I don’t understand Mr. King as having said making an error on the Zoning Map constitutes rezoning. If he did, I suppose he is correct if the error remains by default without taking any corrective action to correct the error or omission. I understand the City is trying to correct the zoning omission. Second, if the proposed billboard doesn’t fall within a rezoning request, there probably isn’t a need for a “zoning hearing,” much less a “zoning vote.” I understand the City rejected the “Billboard Permit Application.” Third, I see no signs of First Amendment rights suppression. I actually find the City Council conducts open meetings and the Council Members are readily accessible. Last, nothing tangible has transpired with urbanizing Aberdeen and the City Council rejected the Great Wolf Lodge proposal.

        I say this because while we as constituents may fear City Council’s openness to proposals. However, in my experience, the City Council remains in tune with us when final votes are counted. In other words, “no harm, no foul.”

  1. It is sad to see the beauty of PTC constantly sold out to developers. The foolishness of having a realtor as mayor is evident. I hope this letter gets a full and detailed response. But I’m not holding my breath.