Child tax credits wrong way to solve poverty


Headline: “President Biden pledged … a huge boost for child tax credits could see parents given up to $3,600-a-year. The change would not only increase the amount provided but would also see the money distributed as direct payments, much more like the stimulus checks.”

Direct payments with no controls or accountability, will ultimately result in spending that does not support the child.

Yes, there are some parents who will, but there are also many homes with boyfriends, girlfriends, deadbeat husbands, drug users, alcoholics, who will not. Giving out cash is a short-sighted, short-term idea and will not solve poverty.

Targeted money (e.g., food stamps, utility support), required job training and financial management training and education in K-12 is what will help solve poverty.

Todd Wilmore

Sharpsburg, Ga.