Winners: Sheriff Babb, commissioners Oddo and Maxwell, Hough for BoE

All photos by Ben Nelms.
All photos by Ben Nelms.

Final Fayette vote tally — TIME: 10:30 p.m.

36 of 36 precincts reporting

Only uncounted votes are absentee ballots that arrived in the past 3 or 4 days and mailed military votes.


Fayette County Sheriff

Barry Babb (R, I) — 61% — 40,384

Chris Pigors (D) — 39% — 25,505


Fayette County Commission District 1

Eric Maxwell (R, I) — 60% — 9659

Vickie Butler (D) — 40% — 6418


Fayette County Commission District 5 (at-large)

Charles Oddo (R, I) — 58% — 37,580

William Lightle (D) — 42% — 27,655


Fayette Board of Education (District 1)

Candace Aaron (D) — 41% — 6582

Randy Hough (R) — 59% — 9524


Fayette School Homestead Exemption

YES — 69% — 43,822

NO — 31% — 19,408


GA House District 71

Jill Prouty (D) — 45%

Philip Singleton (R, I) — 55%


GA House District 72

Josh Bonner (R, I) — 71%

Fred Rovner (D) — 29%


GA House District 73

Karen Mathiak (R, I) — 63%

William Harris (D) — 37%


Brooks Council Post 1 Special Election

Donald Britt — 37%

Kay Brumbelow — 63%




  1. Biden campaign strategy was super.

    This is not parody or sarcasm – I’m serious.

    Biden’s campaign managed to establish 3 bases with his Rope a Dope (boxing term – younger readers can look it up) strategy. I didn’t realize this at first and simply discounted that strategy because Rope a Dope requires one to eventually wake up and lash out. I didn’t think Biden capable of that. Turns out he didn’t need to.

    So here’s how he got 3 base camps when most candidates only have one and focus on the independent or undecided vote. Base #1 of course is the old school Democrat who only sees the D behind someone’s name and will never change – about 20% of registered voters. Base #2 was the most creative. They saw Biden as a doddering old fool in his basement, but instead of voting against him – they voted for him, knowing he can be pushed around by AOC, Sanders and even Warren. And of course Harris as president – after the first 6 months really excites them – – another 20% here. Then Base #3 – the one that should really upset you is the Never Trumpers who lived up to their name and either voted for Biden or stayed home. Only about 10% of these around, but did you notice it adds up to 50%.

    Like I said – good strategy especially given what they had to work with. It is early Wednesday morning and don’t know yet who will be President, but the only reason it is this close can be attributed or blamed on those 3 groups.

    BTW< Congrats to all local Fayette candidates. You/we got it exactly right on the candidates and the ballot issues. Even statewide, I am pretty happy. Ossoff must go away after this. If Kelly beats the Dem in a runoff – good, but if we lose a Senate seat in January – that is all on Gov. Kemp and his shameless self-serving appointment of Loeffler instead of the super qualified Doug Collins.