Shout out for helping kids with special needs


Is there a place in The Citizen for a shout out/thank you to a local business?

I want to recognize Fitness 54 in Peachtree City for their support of children and families with special needs, especially during the current crisis.

Fitness 54 has provided a venue for Kool Kidz Inc. physical therapists to provide aquatic therapy since they opened at a nominal cost for parents. The Fitness 54 staff have always been accommodating, compassionate, and accepting of our kids. But this summer they have been simply amazing.

On Monday mornings they have closed their lagoon pool to their members to allow us private time in the pool and provided an alternative entrance and exit so our children with medically fragile conditions can participate in much needed therapy sessions safely while maintaining social distancing.

Their willingness to ignore profit for the benefit of my kids has touched my heart. Thank you, Fitness 54 We really appreciate you!

Heather Kontos

PT Kool Kidz Inc.

Fayetteville, Ga.