Our incompetent elites and the origins of Covid-19


These past weeks it’s come to light that the Covid virus was not only the likely result of a lab accident, but that various competent U.S. scientific and governmental entities were complicit in covering up this fact and their involvement in it.

This revelation should give everyone, conservative and liberal, real pause about the extent to which we should trust our elite betters in government, science, and other fields, for when their plans go awry and put the common people at risk, their first inclination is not to protect or help us, but to protect and help themselves at our expense.

The primary source for my explanation below is an article from Nicholas Wade, who has been a science writer for the New York Times, Nature and Science and now writes his own newsletter at Medium. (Click here for the link.)

When the virus first emerged in the U.S back in February of 2020, a group of virologists issued a letter in the prestigious British medical journal, The Lancet, stating unequivocally that the Covid-19 virus was of natural origin: “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin,” and that scientists “overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife.”

It turns out that this letter was organized and drafted by a Dr. Peter Daszak, who is (still) president of the EcoHealth Alliance of New York. What Dr. Daszak failed to mention in his letter was that his organization had funded research at the Wuhan Virology Institute into the dangers of mutated coronaviruses. Specifically, they were funding research into bat SARS viruses that were modified with protein spikes that enabled them to more readily attach to the human respiratory tract, viruses just like the Covid-19 virus.

Dr. Daszak’s institute got some of its funding from the NIH, and specifically from Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

So, Dr. Fauci helped fund research sponsored by Dr. Daszak at the Wuhan Virology Institute into exactly the kind of super virus we see with Covid-19.

Furthermore, in February of 2020 there was no way that Dr. Daszak or any competent scientific authority could claim with certainty that the virus emerged naturally. There was no evidence for that theory and, importantly, there still is not any. And yet, with the previous SARS and MERS outbreaks, the natural origin was identified within a matter of months of the outbreaks.

Why did they make such a claim and why were the press and elites in general so quick to support their assertion and defend China? I wondered about that for the past year or so. Why defend one of the most brutal regimes on earth from scrutiny about the origin of such a devastating virus?

The answer is that they weren’t really protecting China, per se, or the institute in Wuhan. No. They were defending themselves. Dr. Fauci, Dr. Daszak, a large chunk of the scientific community engaged in virus research, the NIH, the U.S. government in general, were all to some degree complicit in the development and accidental release of Covid-19 if it could be proven to have come from the lab in Wuhan.

So they blamed it on the wet market in Wuhan, even though Wuhan is some 800 miles from the province of Yunnan, where previous SARS viruses emerged (to date, there is zero evidence that Covid-19 came from Yunnan, as would be expected since the bats that tend to originate this virus are indigenous to Yunnan, not Wuhan).

Of course, it’s impossible to confirm the lab theory of origin because China has sealed those records and even jailed some of the whistleblowers. But if you read the article and other resources about this topic, you’ll find that it’s exceedingly improbable that this virus emerged naturally and that a much simpler, common sense explanation is the lab theory.

Returning to Dr. Daszak for a moment: he wasn’t finished with his cover-up when he issued the latter back in early 2020. He was also on the WHO committee that visited China earlier this year and once again affirmed the likelihood of the natural origin theory. The cajones on this guy!

So what does this all mean? It means that the government, scientific community, and the press — the three main institutions we’re supposed to trust with our collective well-being — colluded to bury evidence of a man-made origin to Covid-19 because it would embarrass them.

They ruthlessly attacked President Trump for calling it the “China virus” and claimed he was racist for doing so. The press and sectors of the government covered for Gov. Cuomo when he deliberately caused the deaths of many hundreds of seniors by his order for Covid-positive patients to be returned to nursing homes. They claimed that Trump was at fault for the pandemic and lionized heroes like Anthony Fauci as the great protector of American lives.

All lies. Yet another example of the “empire of lies” and how it infects our country and destroys lives. One could even argue that the way the Coronavirus was covered in the press helped lead to Trump’s defeat in 2020. They knew that as long as China could avoid blame with the support of Drs. Fauci and Daszak, they could instead lay the blame at the feet of Trump. (And just in case that wasn’t enough to take him down, the press also helped gin up racial animosity and chaos under his watch.)

And now, after this news came out and was even addressed in Senate hearings by Sen. Rand Paul, the White House and CDC suddenly and drastically changed their guidance on masks for vaccinated people. I for one do not think this was a coincidence. The current administration knew that if people started to believe our government helped fund and create the Covid-19 virus, that it couldn’t also continue to deny us our rights and liberties when they were at fault for the pandemic in the first place.

Conspiratorial? Cynical? Perhaps. But we should all be very skeptical, heck, we have to be, when we hear some government agency or “respected” scientific “group” claim this or that when that claim may serve their interests in some way.

Climate scientists will always be glad to tell you how horrible man-made climate change is when they depend on government grants to fuel their research into the topic. The CDC, NIAID, NIH and other actors in this pandemic are always glad to present the worst-case scenario when doing so accrues to them more and more power, prestige, funding, and standing in the political and scientific spheres.

Look, I have been vaccinated myself and now that I know that the real conspiracy is centered on the virus’s origin, I think we all have to take steps to protect ourselves from a virus that our government unintentionally helped create. I just wish that Dr. Fauci and other leaders had the integrity to own up to their misdeeds and coverups and be truly honest with the American people.

Instead, we have deceit, collusion, obfuscation, and general butt-covering by the elites in government, science, and media to protect themselves and take down their enemies.

George Orwell couldn’t have penned a better story. Too bad it’s not fiction, though, and is instead the twisted reality we have to deal with in 2021 America.

God help us all.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. President Biden has called on the U.S. intelligence agencies to investigate the origins of the COVID – 19 virus thoroughly despite what W.H.O. said. I guess Trey will never know this because Tucker Carlson will never tell him.

  2. It’s important that the narrative remain that the virus of of natural (zoonotic) origin. Why? Because as Trey points out, a lot of butts are on the line. For years, some scientists and policy makers called for an absolute ban on viral gain-of-function research. In 2014, the Obama Administration listened and placed such a ban on US labs and labs outside of the US subject to US funding. In 2015, researchers are the Wuhan lab published an article that precisely describes how their scientists created virus nearly identical to nCOV-SARS-2 virus that causes COVID19. (Menachery, V., Yount, B., Debbink, K. et al. “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.” Nat Med 21, 1508–1513 (2015)). We’re now learning that US funds were being routed to that lab in defiance of the Obama Administration Order. That is a major scandal. But the real problem is gain-of-function research without adequate controls. We should never have banned it in the US, and in 2017 the Trump Administration removed the ban. So US researchers are better able to research and develop cures on emergent viral threats.

    Some of you might actually go read the article. I encourage you to do so, and to note the prominent disclaimer. The official line that “the virus came from an animal source” takes the responsibility off the scientific community, and that ensures their funding in the scientific iron rice bowl. And China is central to a lot of this funding because scientists can do in China what democratic governments won’t allow, including human experimentation on political prisoners. A few months ago on the Joe Rogan podcast, science writer Jamie Metzl detailed the growing belief among the scientific community that the virus’s origin was in the Wuhan lab, and one of the biggest smoking guns is the Chinese Government’s refusal to allow more than a superficial investigation by a compliant and captive WHO.

    We need responsible research on viruses because this is not the last threat of any origin that we’ll see. But we also need to have strict controls in place on that research so that it cannot be weaponized ever again.