Woman’s Land Rover stolen as she locks driveway gate


A north Fayette County woman on June 8 had her Land Rover stolen after she exited the vehicle to lock the gate at the end of her driveway.

Sheriff Barry Babb said the woman at a Winterberry Ridge residence entered her black 2019 Land Rover and backed down the driveway. She stepped out of the vehicle to lock the gate, when a black male exited a blue Dodge Dart, jumped in her vehicle and sped off with the Dodge Dart following.

Babb said the victim’s purse and phone were in the vehicle, adding that the theft is under investigation.

There were also six entering auto incidents reported on June 8 at residences off County Line Road in south Fayette County and one at a residence off Ga. Highway 279 in north Fayette.

The entering autos on the south side were reported on June 8 at residences on Den Creek Trail, Shoreline Drive and Baywatch Circle, all in close proximity off County Line Road, Babb said.

In one of the incidents, a side rear window was busted and a medical bag and first-aid contents stolen.

In a second incident, a backpack containing a checkbook was stolen, though it was not determined is the vehicle was locked.

The third incident was noted while a deputy was on the scene of a prior incident. The deputy noticed a passenger door of the vehicle open, with the owner subsequently reporting that nothing was missing.

In another incident, the owner reported finding the passenger door of his unlocked vehicle open with the vehicle rummaged but nothing stolen.

The fifth south Fayette incident included two vehicles entered at the same residence. In both, doors were found ajar with an iPad stolen from one of the vehicles, Babb said.

In the entering auto incident in north Fayette, a Winterberry Ridge resident on June 8 reported that a jacket had been stolen from the unlocked vehicle, said Babb.