Woman with feral cat complaint upset with cop’s advice


A Peachtree City woman upset about issues with feral cats at a neighbor’s house became upset with the response she received after police offered her a potential solution to her complaint.

An officer on May 18 responded to an animal complaint at a residence off Kelly Drive. Arriving at the residence, the complainant told the officer she had been having issues with several cats that she described as feral, that a neighbor had been feeding, Peachtree City police reports said.

The woman said she had spoken with the neighbor, who told her that she (the neighbor) would have the cats fixed, police reports said.

The complainant told the officer that the cats had been coming to her residence and entering when she lets her cats in. The cats were described as three orange cats and two black cats, the officer noted.

The woman making the complaint stated that one of the black cats had damaged her screen door by climbing on it, and on one occasion one of the black cats got into her garage.

She picked it up by the tail and saw that it had not been fixed, reports said.

The complainant advised that the neighbor was supposed to be moving in late May and that the neighbor said she was taking the cats with her, adding that she was concerned that the cats would be left when the neighbor moved, the officer reported.

The report noted that the complainant was advised that there was nothing the officer could do, adding that she was given the number for animal control and advised to contact them first thing in the morning.

The complainant told the officer she did not want the animals killed since she had cats of her own, with the officer responding told that the animal shelter is a no-kill shelter according to their website, the police report said.

“At this point (the complainant) became upset and said she would go and confront her neighbor. I advised her not to confront her neighbor, but call Animal Control at (8 a.m.) and they would speak with her. She stated that she doesn’t get up that early,” according to the police report. “She further stated, ‘The b— gets away with it’ as she was entering her residence.”