6 things I’ve learned over 5 weeks


Here’s what I’ve learned about the coronavirus over the last five weeks:

1. The Centers for Disease Control doesn’t have control of anything. They missed all the warning signs; fielded faulty virus test kits; gave no functional advice to the 50 states on how to fight the pandemic; and have basically sat on the sidelines with their thumbs up their butts while the situation has rapidly turned into a catastrophe.

2. Our government and especially FEMA has failed to procure and distribute the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) that our first-line responders and hospital staff need to protect themselves and the sick. Instead of taking control of the situation, FEMA is allowing the 50 states to get into bidding wars for PPE, thereby creating complete chaos. We saw FEMA screw up during Katrina; and the only individual that stepped up and was able to take charge was General Russell Honore. Seems like FEMA is still a low performing entity. They don’t have a Russ Honore to step forward.

3. The Chinese have the USA completely by the gonads. They produce all the PPE; they control all the pharmaceutical supplies, and the USA will suffer severely unless we start manufacturing the basic necessities in the good old USA.

4. There are a lot of crook American companies, like 3M, that that will sell their country out for a few dollars. We need to make an example of these traitor companies so that the crooks will think twice the next time.

5. Government entities lie to achieve their own agendas. They told us that protective masks were not effective even though we saw that every Asian man, woman, and child was wearing them and that the Koreans were flattening the curve because of it. Now they tell us we should wear them. Hey, it’s probably too late for many.

6. Our newly appointed senator is more interested in cashing in on inside information than assisting Georgians in their fight to persevere.

T. Byrd

Tyrone, Ga.