MENTORise again offering free mentoring to local entrepreneurs

Mentors from the September 2019 MENTORise forum.

The MENTORise group of local business leaders is seeking motivated entrepreneurs who may need some help in launching or growing their businesses.  A diverse group of over 25 MENTORise mentors is ready to offer six months of business or leadership coaching free of charge for anyone seeking mentoring. In 2019, the group partnered with 18 entrepreneurs and looks to help another strong field of business owners or soon-to-be owners in Fayette County or surrounding areas.

The 2020 MENTORise Forum is scheduled for Monday, March 23, from 6 to 8 pm at Line Creek Brewing Co. in Peachtree City. As in 2019, there are no age requirements or limitations, and all are encouraged to reach out through the registration page on the web to see if the MENTORise process is a good fit for you. It can be found at

“We see that people who open businesses can struggle at any level or age. Getting a business off the ground, giving it wings, it’s not easy to do alone. And that’s why I gathered some friends together to provide wisdom and help in the process,” said Dr. Michael Mahaffey of Mahaffey Orthodontics, who helped found MENTORise in 2016.

“All of our mentors have built successful businesses”, said Dr. Mahaffey. “Our goal is to help launch other small businesses. You don’t have to go it alone. We have so much expertise that we are ready to share.”

Besides Dr. Mahaffey, mentors include: Chuck Ogletree, the Founder and President of South-Tree Enterprises; Patti Kadkhodaian, co-owner of Golf Rider and a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach with her consultancy Lead Grow Rich; Sheri Waynick, the Founder and CEO of Lizard Thicket, which has 20 boutiques spanning seven states; Paul Schwinne, Broker and Owner with Quantum Commercial Real Estate; and Ellie White-Stevens, owner and Creative Director of the marketing agency Dirt1x. This is just a cross-section, there are even more skilled mentors ready to work with aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners.

“We’ve all done it,” said White-Stevens. “We’ve built businesses from nothing. And we probably made some mistakes along the way that our mentees won’t have to make because we’re there. This is a great opportunity that I wish had been available to me a decade ago, when I launched my agency.”

Recent MENTORise participant Andrew Moth said, “The MENTORise program was an amazing experience for me. Having such a large group of business owners and community influencers who are willing and able to help your dreams come true is a life-changing resource. I encourage anyone who can to participate in MENTORise.”

How does a local aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner sign up for MENTORise? There’s a pre-registration and application at

Applicants then attend the MENTORise Forum on Monday, March 23 from 6 to 8 pm. at Line Creek Brewing Company, 150 Huddleston Rd., Peachtree City. At the Forum, mentees are matched with mentors that best fit their business goals.