Elf Village is back along enchanted section of cart path

Sign alerts to elf crossing. Photo/Submitted.
Sign alerts to elf crossing. Photo/Submitted.

There is something quite magical happening along a portion of the cart path between the Woodcreek and Preserve subdivisions off Redwine Road. Again this year, Elf Village made its annual appearance along a section of the path.

Elf Village is a series of small doors affixed to trees. The diminutive doors represent the businesses and public facilities found in any town. And Elf Village is no exception.

As if by magic, the doors begin appearing, one at a time, during the first week in December. It is believed that the doors are placed along the cart path by a caring neighbor, one with obvious connections to the elves.

The first sighting of a door came nearly 8 years ago, with more doors added each year. Today, Elf Village has grown to 28 doors.

Those walking the path will note signs for Elf Bank, Elf Dentist, Elf Air, Elf School, Elf Candy, Elf City Hall, Elf Taxes, the expansive Pine Tree Inn and many more.

Unofficial reports note that Elf Village mysteriously disappears after Christmas each year, only to return the following December.