February earliest to expect opening Dogwood Trail to thru-traffic


Starr’s Mill tunnel start next summer; McDonough Road bridge upgrade moved to 2021 — 

The stormwater pipe replacement project on Dogwood Trail in north Fayette County that had the road closed to through-traffic beginning in the summer is continuing, with the road expected to re-open in February.

County Administrator Steve Rapson on Oct. 10 updated the Fayette County Commission on that project, along with other projects such as the Starr’s Mill tunnel on Redwine Road and the McDonough Road bridge

Noting that Dogwood Trail is currently closed to through-traffic, Rapson said utility relocations are in progress and expected to be complete by the end of October. Clearing and erosion control activities are beginning and are expected to be complete by next week.

Some of the drainage structures and smaller pipe have been delivered and are being stored onsite. The arch culvert structure will be delivered and installed in December, said Rapson, adding that the contractor’s current schedule shows the road opening in mid-February, with final completion expected in late February 2020.

Pertaining to the Starr’s Mill Tunnel project at Robinson Road at Redwine Road, Rapson said county and Peachtree City staff met with the consultant on Sept. 30 to identify field issues and establish design criteria.

“As you may recall, the tunnel was moved to Robinson Road based on input from the Fayette County Board of Education. The team noticed existing topography that may expand the limits of grading and challenges for drainage,” said Rapson. “The team is also reviewing the existing crosswalk at Foreston Place and will determine if the crosswalk should remain once the new tunnel and paths are in place.”

Rapson said the consultant is revising the Task Order (TO) based on this information. The revised TO is expected by Oct. 14. Staff anticipates construction in summer break of 2020.

On another update, Rapson noted that the bridge on McDonough Road was programmed into the state Local Bridge Replacement Program (LOCBR) for preliminary engineering in FY 2020.

“Shortly afterwards, the legislature did not seek bridge bond funds and staff had to delay portions of the overall bridge program, which included all of the 50 LOCBR bridges in FY 2020,” Rapson said. “This bridge was shifted to preliminary engineering in FY 2021, which is not uncommon, and staff are taking steps toward procuring design so they will be ready to move as soon as funding becomes available.”